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    Both pistols have been SOLD and Delivered.

    I'm reluctantly putting this pistol up for sale to help fund (complete) some other projects that have been hanging for far too long.

    This is an early (Small frame) EAA Limited Witness in 9mm. It is factory hard chromed and has a very nice custom trigger in it. I have about 400 rounds through it since I got it, but the previous owner used it for Practical Pistol matches so it probably has some rounds through it, but still has a very nice slide / frame lockup and will shoot your eye out at 20 paces. This gun shoots nice!

    It comes with:
    3 - Factory mags (1 - hard chrome) which are actually manufactured by Mec-gar.
    5 - Mec-gar mags (3 - new in package)
    EAA - 22lr upper (Black)
    7 - 22lr Mags (These are $25 each when purchased as pairs and take about 6 months to get from Italy)
    1 - Set of black rubber grips as well as the wood ones that are shown on it.





    I assure you that I have more into this pistol and accessories than what I'm selling it for, but think that this is a fair price for what you are getting. I am asking $750 for the complete package and don't want to separate the 22 upper.

    SOLD!!The second pistol up offered up is a

    Springfield XD40 Tactical Price drop to $450
    Springer Precision Trigger Kit Installed (Done by previous owner. It's better than factory trigger. I can't swear but think that it really is).
    Excellent Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Sights.
    Extended mag release.
    Three or four different weight slide springs
    Two factory mags included and the other parts of the kit that came with it.


    If you are interested please E-mail me at noxspector(at)gmail.com

    Prices are for FTF. Will reluctantly ship to your FFL. If I don't know you personally I'd like to see a valid ODL at time of purchase.

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