Feral pig hunting

First and foremost find em... Second aim your gun... and third.. Pull the trigger and make sure its a good hit!

Wild ferrel pigs are extremely skittish. They can run like the wind, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.:eek:

Secondly.. There TOUGH... they can take a hit, and keep on going. I hit one at 60 yards with a 180 grain 30-06 and it square in the chest cavity... and it still ran almost 70 yards. He was 80 lbs. :D Its not an issue if there is no cover for them to make it to, however, ferrel pigs like dense cover, and 70 yards might as well be 70 miles. Even as a wild animal they still pack on the fat. The vitals are all tucked up close behind the the front of the chest bone right behind the the front legs. A shot behind this area will only cause a pig to run for days. Literally. Tracking them is next to impossible, because the fat actually seals the whole within a few yards. More pigs are lost to this than any other reason. Bad shots wont get you a pig.

Good luck on your hunt!:s0155:
I go to a private ranch in Cheeny Wa. My boar was 525 pounds and dressed out with 300 pounds of meat. I shot it right behind the ear witha 300 and it woke up and chased me. it took 3 to kill it. Made me think twice about hunting dangerous game like grizzley or mt,lion. I have to get my pics off my other hard drive, but here is a pic of my buddies it was the smallest of all of them. He had only been back from the war for a couple of weeks and sniped it through the ear with his 22/250.
WE took 5 pigs out and all of us have had really good luck. second time around i will ask for more pepperoni and more bacon . We like to cook it in the crockpot while we are at work, its hard to ruin that way. Oh and the best chops ive ever had.. Good luck if you get one.
I know alot of hunters don't give on the subject. But where are these pigs at?
Never hunted any swine before. I have heard about them here in Oregon, but have never actually seen them or known anyone to bag one.

I know they are considered invasive in Oregon. This sounds like a fun and educational pass time. I love hunting, just never seen any around the area I hunt, mostly NW coast area. Sounds like an excuse for a long weekend if I can have an excuse, like ferrel pigs.


I havent done any pig hunting yet (although it does interest me) so I cant give any personal sightings. I did find a study done by OSU, and found this map (as of 2004) the red dots are confirmed sightings and the white squares are unconfirmed. Could help point you in a general direction:gun14:


Feral Pig Locations.jpg


"The invasive pigs have been recorded in locations throughout southern and central Oregon, and their distribution may continue to spread as global climate change results in warmer temperatures farther north"

With how warm it's been this year they'll be all the way up to Canada in no time:confused:
I also read the OSU study. I also have a major interest in killing a pig...or two... or more in Oregon. Let me know what you find out. I have been researching them in the Jefferson County area (Madras) apparently there is quite a population there. Many had escaped from a private exotic game ranch in the Ashwood/Rajneeshparam area and have been troublesome.

Haycreek ranch has them but sublets its hunting to an outfit in Redmond. I put a call in to have them call me if pigs are seen so I can respond but they have not called back. Basically everyone I have talked to over there says the pigs 1) are nocturnal 2) dont stay put. If you see them one day/night they are not there the next.

I thought with some snow on the ground I could put a track on them .....

There were pigs in the dunes/dary areas of Coos Co but I think they killed them all. I have heard rumors about the islands on the Columbia.

Everyone I have talked to says North/Central California is the place to go.

Let me know what you find out.

Have gun... will travel to bring home the bacon and repel invaders.
I'm interested in getting myself a porky too. Speaking of the Ashwood area that you mentioned, I did find a private ranch over there that offers boar hunts for a fee, but it is $600 per pig. Although this seems expensive, I have heard many experienced people claim that one can easily spend more than this amount of money just driving around and spending time trying to find them on public land.

If they are such a nuisance threat to the state of Oregon, surely there must be some cheaper/free opportunities to hunt them...just a matter of finding them I guess.


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