Fer sale, two spyder compact paintball marker kits and moar

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    Howdy folks! Today i am going to offer you two spyder compact paintball kits. they contain everything you need to start paintballing! I also have several loose items and parts guns.

    First we have the two kits. (please see picture three for everything included) $100 per

    these are of course used. they have been super reliable and a boatload of fun and i am keeping one for myself (so we can set up NWFA matches :thumbup:) all the o-rings are in great condition or new condition. I stripped and went over these guns and replaced anything that needed to be. you would be suprised how easy they are to disasemble. these puppys are ready to go! they should take 1911 grips if you wanted to put anything neat on by the way :D.

    next we have the two parts guns

    these are markers that are in sad shape and should be only used for parts unless you feel like doing a restoration. $20 per

    and lastly we have some loose parts

    a spare hopper ($10)
    another spare hopper ($10)
    and two elbows that some with each hopper (comes with hopper)

    a spare mask ($5)

    and two spare parts kits ($5)

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