Fenix Lights & Microtech Knives-New Fenix Lights Are Being Released

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    This is a plug for some excellent prices on great gear!

    Shaolo Gear

    I ordered some for myself. 5 new lights to be exact and a couple knives on the way. And if you contact them they will take your order and get it to you ASAP. And like everyone is looking for *killer prices.

    I know that they are in the process of adding all their product, but feel free to make a request.

    So, the Great Deal I was specifically pointing out, is the new line up on Fenix lights for EDC and their other models that are being released are arriving soon. Check their prices. (They will match or beat a competitor if possible)

    Fenix TK75 | Shaolo Gear

    Fenix PD32 UE | Shaolo Gear

    Fenix TK22 | Shaolo Gear

    *Disclaimer- I love this gear and I know the owner that has been a customer. No favors have been provided for the Ad. Just supporting a local business and letting NWFA members know of their deals.
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