Female Austrailain Sheperd puppy or mix

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    I am begining my search for a young Aussie sheperd female puppy. Blood lines are not real important to me as we spay them anyway. I have an older Aussie by the name of Maggie May - she is getting to be 12+ years of age. She has been the best dog - the kindest and most intelligent of companions. I know that her time is coming and she cant handle the long walks like she use to. She has known what kindness, respect and love is and she will continue to. She has been with us since she was 4 months old and we got her from the Troutdale Humane society.

    My other dog is a 4 year old Mcnab fixed male pup and he is so intense and I think he is on fire with energy. Kind of the ever ready bunny type. I know that when Maggies time comes he will be lost.

    We live in the city but I have promised to take them out every weekend to run in the woods - we go out in the woods by wildcat moutain - before the shooting area on day use lumber company property. I average about 49 weeks out of the year. The rest of the week they have access through a doggie door to come in and go out as needed. During the summer they have a built in kids wading pool and sleep on the bed at night. The quarter acre we live on is fenced.

    In short if there is such thing as reincarnation they owe me next time. Its getting time to add another kid to our family - this is a period of happiness but also a relaization of things to come. If you know of a little Aussie I would be interested. I live in the Portland area.


    James Ruby

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