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    CA Senator Diane Feinstein must be horribly disappointed:

    “There are reports the killer was armed with an AR-15, a shotgun and a semiautomatic pistol when he stormed an American military installation in the nation’s capital and took at least 12 innocent lives,” she said.

    It turns out there was no AR-15, no rifle of any kind involved in the shooting. What was used was a pump action shotgun, favored by duck hunters, and a pistol taken from a slain security guard. This doesn't support her agenda, which she started pushing before the bodies stopped bleeding. But that's what happens when nothing matters but scoring political points.

    And why am I so upset about it? The shooter was certifiably crazy. He had called the police department at some point to tell them that he was hearing voices and to ask for help. Why ask the police for help? Because there isn't anywhere else to go! AMERICA HAS NO MENTAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM! Why? Because of political opportunists like Feinstein who constantly rant about the availability of guns instead of calling for a viable mental health care system.

    If guns weren't available crazy people would use machetes, swords, clubs, knives, or bombs. The problem is not guns. It's that nobody cares about the homicidally insane among us, and nobody will care as long as Feinstein and others co-opt the dialog around these events for political gain. I'm sickened by this.
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    It won't matter. The government media just interjects "AR-15" and "assault" into the story a few times and the people's fears and ignorance takes it from there.

    Irrational emotions rule the day, not facts. The Feinsteins of the world know this very well. Basic human psychology is on her side.

    "Nobody cares about the homicidally insane among us" - this isn't exactly true. Anything that instills fear in the sheeple, that they need protecting, benefits government.

    Just 30 minutes of MSM evening government news will prove that case. 90% of the stories will show something to instill fear. Over and over again that is the constant, repeating theme.

    A guy got car jacked, an old lady was robbed, someone is running a scam, a hurricane hit, etc, etc. (PROBLEM)

    You are to be very afraid because you as an individual cannot stop such things from happening to you or do anything to prepare. You are just waiting in line to be a victim. Alone, unprotected, scared. Fearful, insecure, fragile. (REACTION)

    You have hope. The government is here to save you, to act on your behalf. The police are on their way. These evil lawbreakers will be stopped and you will be safe if you agree that gov is your only hope in life. Someone is coming to dig you out of the rubble eventually. Have faith in these heroes. (SOLUTION).

    This is hammered into us for tens of thousands of hours in our lifetimes. You, as an individual shouldn't try to prepare yourself, shouldn't try to think too much (let your handlers do that for you); you are not responsible for your own security.

    This programming is why the 2A will eventually be nullified. It is why every government that wants to take guns away always eventually succeed. The masses, in their (collective) minds, do not believe they can protect themselves in any way; only mommy (gov) can do that.

    Individuals are weak, helpless, ignorant lemmings incapable of doing just about anything at all. The hive mentally has of course skyrocketed via social media. You should NEVER be alone to think about anything important.

    If mommy says that no guns in privates hands will make us safer the average programmed Joe will eventually believe that to be the case and they will happily hand holds with the Feinsteins of the world.

    The only hope is truth/facts vs irrational emotions, lies and manipulations, but truth is losing the battle. The truth is empowered individuals/rights are the only hope. But all of that is is swirling in a big circle ready to be flushed.
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    Reminded me of a quote a fellow libertarian posted yesterday on a social networking site we belong too.

    "This country has a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem and a tyranny problem disguised as a security problem."
    -Joe Rogan
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    if tshtf this will be beneficial to us because if people try and take over your stuff and you have a ebr or a handgun then they will for the most part look elsewhere to try and get their goodies (food, water, money)
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    Awesome... bubblegum Burt.. hope the rest open their eyes..
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    And just because I like saying it............. F@&% You Piers Moron..... F@%& F@%&. Go back to Britain where they are talking about outlawing Kitchen Knifes.
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    Well said Burt. I just hope your prediction turns out to be wrong.
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    Jeez! When is this old biddy gonna die?

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