Feds Establish Martial Law Nationwide on Fourth of July

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    Feds Establish Martial Law Nationwide on Fourth of July Video.

    Another article below.


    Texas Town forced to ban all firearms at 4th of July Parade

    For the first time in its 164-year history, the annual Belton, Texas, 4th of July Parade will be a gun-less event after an insurance company threatened to drop coverage of the parade if organizers allowed firearms to be present.

    Parade organizer and Belton Chamber of Commerce CEO Stephanie O’Banion spoke about the cherished history of the parade, which had always trumpeted and embraced a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

    “The Belton 4th of July parade is deeply rooted in tradition here in Belton, Texas, the first documented parade was in 1850,” O’Banion told local news affiliate KEYE.

    Part of that tradition includes the Color Guard soldiers and American Civil War re-enactors, who typically carry replica and antique firearms — but even those will be banned in this year’s parade.

    “We would have not received any coverage for firearm-related accidents when we talked to our insurance carrier,” O’Banion told local affiliate KWTX.

    “There’s a list of safety regulations that have developed over the years to insure we are executing a very safe event for the community,” she added.

    Obviously, gun-loving Texans weren’t very thrilled with the news, especially because the chosen theme for this year’s parade was “Symbols of Freedom.”

    “It’s a bad decision in a state like Texas, in a city like Belton that is so pro-gun that you would ban firearms, the symbol of freedom which is the theme this year of the parade,” CJ Grisham, the Founder and President of opencarrytexas.org, told KEYE.

    To showcase their support of the Second Amendment, Grisham along with members of his pro-gun organization applied to march in the parade, toting long-guns. The Chamber of Commerce approved their application and they were all set to go until the insurance company pulled the plug on the idea.

    Now, ‘Open Carry Texas’ will be permitted to march, but only if they’re unarmed. However, they can still carry firearms along the route of the parade, which is something they all plan on doing.

    “Now that we’re not allowed in the parade we’re going to be walking around the parade and educating people that way,” Grisham said.

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    Misleading title to get people to read?
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    Find a different insurance company or go self-insured? They tend to change their tune when their pocketbook gets threatened.

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    what does this have to do with the feds or martial law ?
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    BS way to get people to read your post! Just post it like it is.... Martial law is a tank parked on the corner.
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    Alex Jones, although I'd take him over any MSM source, is just too much of a blowhard for me. I will listen now and then because I believe you have to crow pick for truth in random places and then use your own judgments to decide what is false (as opposed to being told).

    As far as why we really revolted against the British it was because the king refused to let the colonists have their own debt free currency. Slavery and usury go hand in hand. Just as it was in 1776 it is a thousand times worse now.
    All of what we fought against of course has flourished beyond measure in this country since our supposed independence.

    Alex likes to use broad terms like the 'NWO' or "Elite" instead of specific, obvious banker family names that anyone that has done a day's research would know. He rarely if ever criticizes the Zionist political agenda which leads many to ask if he is a shill.

    Who knows - just keep crow picking. One of the most useful tools of the Oligarchs is controlled opposition and it is in my opinion that AJ falls under that category. If someone is telling the whole truth they are NEVER rewarded for it. They are usually broke and living like a bum their whole lives. Jones is a multimillionaire. Enough said. Anyone who speaks real truth knows there is never an atta boy, a thank you, and never, ever a paycheck.
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    Using the correct title of "Small town bows to cooperate sponsorship and restricts firearms" doesn't seed the hate and discontent he's going for. After all, if the facts don't fit just bend them a bit, or use an inflammatory title that has nothing to do with what your posting.

    Please feel free to see my post in the Classifieds add, where I am selling a brand new WWII era M1 garand, signed by Ike himself. Just don't be discouraged when you open the ad to find me selling a loaf of bread and some schedule 40 PVC.

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