Federal/lake city 5.56....XM193F (M193 in 20 round boxes) for sale Gresham area

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    2 cases are spoken for and I have a possible deal going with "SDR" for the rest. I'll update as I get more info These were not posted anywhere else, just got an IM and a text


    I have 7 cases of 500 (25 boxes of 20 each) of Federal/lake city XM193F (M193 in 20 round boxes) for a FTF sale in the Gresham area (not far from Portland).

    $200 per 500 round case buy one ($200) or all for ($1400) !!Cash only please!!

    Right now these are quite hard to find. I'm reloading brass from the other boxes I have already shot and it is great stuff. Everything I have shot so far has been quite accurate and is 2011 LC Nato cross headstamped and since I got these all at the same time I would assume that the rest will be as well. They are Boxer primed, crimped primer, military Nato spec. 5.56 rounds. 55 grain bullets non magnetic (you can shoot them at the range).

    My name is Trez, you can call me between 10AM and 9PM PST to make arrangements OR text anytime to lock in an order and I'll get back to you. First come first served, by time stamp.

    Here is a link to the specs on this ammo:

    "Cheaper than dirt" sells a 20 round box for $12.49 each
    which would be $312 per case....... but they don't have any in stock.......

    My phone # is (503) eight-six-six 2762

    Thanks for looking!

    Here are some pics:
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