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Discussion in 'Ammunition Wanted' started by Benihaus, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Hi everyone,
    I have been on the hunt pretty hard for 2 months, I have literally put 500 miles on my rig doing big loops of the area stopping at every store. I had a little supply but my daughter likes to shoot :thumbup:, My cousin just bought a mp 15-22 and my daughter and I want to take him and his daughter out this weekend. I would love to surprise him with a brick for his new gun (he can't find any either), and I need one for mine. The federal bulk (525 pack) has been the best running bullet in my 15-22 so that's really what I am looking for, Winchester, american eagle and other federals work good and would be happy to find them... but my gun HATES Remington... don't know why, just always has.
    I need 2 bricks, I'm not reselling and I'm not running mag dumps.. I'm just shooting the stuff.
    Can anyone sell me a couple bricks at a somewhat decent price? Id pay $30 a brick for your trouble, but I really can't swing the $40+ that people are trying to get.
    Please help lol Im going nuts trying to find this stuff.
    Thanks, Ben
    five0three seven89 -5032
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