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A home intrusion suspect was shot dead in Pinecrest, Florida, on Monday after breaking into the home of a federal agent who was able to quickly grab her gun.

ABC News reports that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent, 55-year-old Maria Otero, was sleeping when "28-year-old Robert Young III smashed in a glass sliding door" around 1:30 a.m.

According to Local 10 News, Otero "fired several shots" at Young, killing him on the scene. Police did not report how many times Young was shot.

CBP confirmed that Otero used her government-issued sidearm, a ".40 caliber Smith & Wesson."

Although Otero's neighbors were surprised at the intrusion, they also admitted to worrying that the location of the neighborhood made such an incident likely. One neighbor said, "(I was) a bit surprised, a bit shocked, but you know, it's a very quiet neighborhood around here, Well, it is Miami, so it can happen, but not in this neighborhood. This tends to happen in other neighborhoods. But this area has scared me always a bit because we're so close to U.S. 1, so it's a quick getaway."

Otero is on administrative leave pending completion of an investigation into the incident.

Good thing nobody who matters got hurt.
And Little bubblegum got clipped early in his criminal career, thus minimizing whatever harm he would have done in a useless life. Bonus!
I nominate him for a Darwin Award with Swords and Diamonds. :D
What, no Oak Leaves? BTW, you should know that the mods consider "bubblegum" a racial slur even though I seen plenty of scumbags as dead-fish pale as I am playing the same card...
Now we will never know if he was just about to turn his life around because that insensitive lady took away his opportunity to get to the point where he could say he was just about to become a surgeon...or a youth pastor.
Well, I once saw a guy survive a 124gr 9mm FMJ right through the top of his nose from less than five yards.

However, the second, third, fourth and fifth shots about a second later worked a treat.

I figure that it was prolly the accumulation that did it.

There was a guy years ago who owned a kinda dumpy condo. On the sliding glass door from the small patio into the living room was a well grouped 15 yard torso target with 7 .45 cal holes in it dead center along with the very large print stating ...


Seemed to work. That plus the cool fact that the place was really wired. One assumes the agent had that exact or type large torso target taped to her sliding glass door. But also now the assumption is the perp could not read English. Oh well.

Still having some fun trying for exact length paragraphs. Futile. Every time you slightly edit the existing paragraphs, the edit function changes the spacing. I wonder why the software does that. Obviously the NSA effect. I need to understand this.
"BTW, you should know that the mods consider "bubblegum" a racial slur ..."

Sorry. My latest issue of "The Compendium of the Politically Correct" hasn't arrived yet. Is some other spelling OK?

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