Fed + Win 5.56 Ammo + Mag Packages All NIB M193 855 Okay 30-Rd Brownell 20-Rd

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    All of the ammo is New freshly pulled from a can. All of the mags are new 30-RD OKAY's or 20-Rd Brownells

    I will not split the packages, if you just need mags check out my other ad here

    The price is what it is, please don't buy if you don't want to pay the listed price. I have had these awhile and it wont hurt me any to have them any longer. I may end up kicking myself for selling these so cheap depending on how our future unfolds...

    FTF meets between Fife and Seatac


    60 Rounds Fed M193 + 2 OKAY 30 Rd Mags - $140


    60 Rounds Winchester Ranger M855 + 2 OKAY 30 Rd Mags - $170


    20 Rounds Winchester Ranger M855 + 1 Brownells 20 Rd Mag - $60


    20 Rounds Fed M193 + 1 Brownells 20 Rd Mag - $50

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