WTS WA FDE AR15 Ambi Billet - 5.56, AA Piston, FN barrel, DD Lite, Sopmod

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  1. kYing

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    PrErlUvs.jpg FAD1fvVs.jpg EdP6bDIs.jpg hVsZU1Ns.jpg dQ9vidOs.jpg 1lNktWls.jpg JN7JcYzs.jpg pHW8Cmas.jpg jpZrHfUs.jpg P6WSF0Ws.jpg Ph7rYsWs.jpg m0TrB7ks.jpg H49oTM1s.jpg PQFifeks.jpg XMvvNQws.jpg O2PeUPWs.jpg oI4u1rns.jpg

    • Price: SOLD
    • Built by Rainier Arms and West Coast Armory
    • Upper can be completely disassembled or rebuilt with your parts for addtl' fee. All work will be handled by Rainier Arms.
    • This billet set was a limited run with a "naked" finish. It is not painted or coated and won't rub/scratch off. More info can be found @ Reference link
    • ~500 round count (not a single FTF or other problems, all ammo used was Lake City 5.56)
    • Blems - nick in upper receiver (pictured), gas block (pictured)
    • AR15.com Billet Upper
    • FN 14.5" Mid-Length .625" 1:7 Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
    • Spikes Tactical Dynacomp Extreme
    • Adam Arms Mid-Length Lite .625" Piston Kit
    • Daniel Defense 9" Lite Free Float Rail
    • Rainier Arms Raptor Ambi Charging Handle
    • Magpul BUIS
    • Magpul XTM Panel
    • Ergo Ladder Rail Panel
    • AR15.com Ambi Billet Lower Serial #AR00012 (Magpul designed)
    • BAD-bubblegum 45 degree Ambi Safety Selector
    • JP Enterprises Single Stage Trigger
    • Magpul MOE Grip
    • PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube
    • B5 SOPMOD Stock
    • Cash (local only)
    • Credit card (local only; add 3%)
    • Money order
    • Cashier's check
    • Local FTF @ Seattle/Eastside
    • Shipped: $30 to FFL
    • WA Driver's ID
    • Bill of sale

    Terms, Notes & Disclaimers:
    • No holds - first come first serve;
    • Use PM or email to contact; do not post questions, comments, or "I'll take it" in the thread;
    • I reserve the right to take down, cancel or otherwise null any listing if payment has not been made;
    • This is a private listing.
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    Does it come with any mags?
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