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Just brought home my G3c subcompact from the bi mart. thought i would ask what everyone would use to break her in and other thoughts....tnx.....
115 should be fine for most 9mm pistols and any accuracy differences between it and heavier weights will be minimal at best.


From an article in "Shoot On":

"The G3c comes with a 3.2-inch stainless steel barrel — same as the G2c — so we weren’t expecting any surprises in shot grouping. For our test, we used Fiocchi, Magtech, Black Hills, and our own utilitarian handloads. After blistering steel, we gave each load two five-shot groups at 10 yards to prove their mettle. Of the four, the G3c definitely favored the Black Hills diet. Both the Black Hills 5-shot groups, quite surprisingly, shot the exact same size. The best 5-shot groups for each ammo were…

  • Black Hills 124 gr. JHP: 1.206 in.
  • Handloads (Hornady 124 gr. RN): 1.53 in.
  • Fiocchi 124 gr JHP: 1.801 in.
  • Magtech 115 gr. RN: 2.085"
That being said, if it were mine and I didn't handload, I'd pick up whatever Blazer or Winchester stuff was inexpensive, in a few different flavors, and try it to see what the gun likes, what's accurate, and what has recoil I can control in a small pistol. I tend to favor 125 and 147 for bullet weights, but watch out for the 125 Nato loads, they can be pretty snappy!


Blazer for me has run more accurately than both the Winchester white and the Remington umc ammo, but this is of course from my gun with my skill level (low) and your results may vary
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