Fathers Day Thoughts

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    My 'ol Man, "Rooster Cogs", Lloyd Cogley. WWII Motorcycle Sargent.

    In WWI, he taught messengers how to ride. As they came upon the enemy, he taught his riders to drop the bike on its side, spin around and spray bullets from the machine gun that was in the scabbard on the front forks. He also taught them some showmanship to stand on the seat, with their arms full out and ride double breasted down the hi-way. He learned that from the Mexican army. He spent many a day on the front lines in Germany. Got a Purple Heart for that.

    He taught all 5 of us boys how to ride, how to fish and hunt, how to be a gentleman, right from wrong and how to be dads. So many other things he taught us that each of us still draw upon today. Thanks, Dad.

    Yeah, I'm proud of my 'ol Man!


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    Nice job, Cogs! A terrific fathers day to all you dads out there!
    Take a kid shooting soon! SRG
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