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Fat bellies and holsters

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by KENOC, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. KENOC

    KENOC Portland area Member

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    Ok, fat belly guys like myself only, please respond.
    I am trying to figure this out. So i got my conceal carry permit about 4 months ago, and cannot find a holster, IBW that is comfortable.
    Main problem is they frakking pull my pants down around my hip on the side i am carrying on. No matter which jeans i wear, 36" tight or 38" loose. Or i can tighten my belt to the point i can barely breath.....bad answer.

    I THINK i bought a good gun belt...1 1/2" solid leather, paid $40 for..seems sturdy so i don't THINK it is a belt issue...
    The IWB holsters i have tired are a Biancchi clip on, and a Minotaur M-tac. Both of them are uncomfortable in that they 'push' inside down low...sort of hard....at the lowest point, where the bottom of the barrel is..are just uncomfortable..if i loosen my belt, they feel better, but then my pants SAG bigtime on that side.....
    Fobus OWB PAddle with a tight belt is WAY more comfortable but sticks out like an appendage.

    Anywas not wanting to whine..but any suggestions? AM tired of spending $$ on belts that either feel like **** or stick out like an extra appendage....
  2. huntpotter

    huntpotter SW WA Negotiator Bronze Supporter

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    I have the same issues. IWB digs in to my belly roll. I just sinch up my belt and get used to it. Because of my larger frame, I can conceal a full size gun just fine.
  3. cootduster

    cootduster near SeaTac airport, Seattle, WA. New Member

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    What size gun are you packing? Sounds like one that weighs less may be the answer?

  4. RAWII

    RAWII Salem, Or. Member

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    My everyday carry is a XD-M 9mm, I couldn't get a comfortable fit, so I changed tactics for the fall, winter and spring and carry in a concealed carry vest, there are many good ones out there. I'm a vest Guy anyway so it works for me. The summer is a challenge so I change weapons in the summer. I carry a Taurus 709 Slim 9mm. It is easily concealed in the pocket of my cargo shorts. Hopefully that gives you some alternatives that might be useful.
  5. wayoutwest

    wayoutwest Polk County, Oregon Active Member

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    I will admit that I have a bit of a roll and wear about a 38 waist jean. I usually carry an HK compact in a M-tac IWB at about 4:00 and with a good belt (designed for carry) it would stay in place and not make my pants sag down.

    Lately I have been carrying my G19 OWB in a Blackhawk CQC paddle and while I really like the way it feels and don't notice any sag I feel like it really feels like it is sticking out or printing under my shirt.

    I think it may come down to where you carry it, which o'clock, and where you happen to roll over the waist band of you jeans.
  6. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    I'm in the same situation which is why I carry OWB when I can. When i do carry IWB, it depends on the weapon. I find if I carry my 1911 CBOB at 4:00 IWB the natural cant of my belt carries the pistol at a little more than FBI forward cant and conceals pretty well without printing too much. It may not be the best for draw, but it is a compromise that works for me if I can't carry OWB at about 3:00 which is my preferred OWB carry position.

    I think that overall we that carry are a little paranoid about printing as most folks who don't carry will never notice because they are not looking for it. In the Summer if I'm wearing just T-Shirts I either carry in a Bianchi bag or wear a loose fitting Hawaiian shirt over a T-shirt and carry either OWB or IWB depending on my mood and what I will be doing.
  7. el gringo loco

    el gringo loco PDX Member

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    I have much the same problem. Even though I am not a real heavy guy, I have a gut and the IWB holsters drive me nuts---Even when I carry my Keltec .32 in one!. My solution is that I carry differently dependent on the season and what I am wearing. I use an ankle holster and an OWB holster most of the cooler months. I wear cargo shorts and carry in a pocket holster in the summer.

    My buddy is, admittedly, slimmer than me and carries exclusively with an IWB holster. I have tried everything he has suggested and it is still totally uncomfortable for me. Even when I was slimmer, I couldn't do it. I am jealous though, because my buddy can wear jeans and a t-shirt and carry without any tell-tale lumps.
  8. Thule

    Thule Monroe, WA Member

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    Here's what I do depending on the situation or weather:

    1) J Frame in a Kramer pocket holster if the weather is warm
    2) Galco Miami Classic Shoulder rig if I'm wearing a jacket
    3) off-body carry in a Wilderness Tactical Safepacker or Maxpedition bag if I don't feel like wearing a holster
  9. eldbillbo

    eldbillbo clackamas New world samurai and a redneck none the less Bronze Supporter

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    i just tuck it under my belly, no holster necessary.
  10. bmw2

    bmw2 Mount Vernon, Wa Active Member

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    http://www.crossbreedholsters.com/ Very comfortable, distributes the weight of a Glock 20 better than my summer comfort. It's not as easy on and off though but it's worth the trouble.
  11. thelendog

    thelendog Milwaukie Member

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    Get yer britches a bit bigger. Also, when you carry IWB, what position is your holster? I've always used Kramer holsters (scabbard & iwb) and I carry right on my side, where my belt loop is.
  12. terrylf72

    terrylf72 Portland, Oregon, United States Member

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    and just like I have read in the posts before, I can roll like the rest... I carry Glock 17, Browning HP and 1911 frame. I dont normaly have a problem with a belt holster, but I have more of a shoulder holster issues. they either ride high or choke me from behind. any goos ideas?

    OH ya.. Great Title
  13. ohsocountry1

    ohsocountry1 clackamas oregon Member

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    do you practice pulling with all of those alot because i heard changing setups is bad because you dont get the memory of pulls. If you change all the time
  14. RangerEric

    RangerEric Southern Oregon, United States Active Member

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    Certainly lots of good suggestions, +1 to the Crossbreed Supertuck, but IWB may just not be for everybody - maybe worth trying a pancake-style owb that might pull the pistol in a little closer to your body then a Fobus paddle, limit the appendage effect?

    I like my Bianchi Carry-lock.

  15. Benny503

    Benny503 Grants Pass Well-Known Member

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    I am wearing jean waist 38 and lenght is 30, I carry Glock 17 daily. I used to carry Walther P99, Glock 21 SF and all of my daily carry I use the same holster. Check out De Santis holster
    http://www.desantisholster.com/stor...action=prepare_detail&itm_id=6242&itm_index=0. As you notice the leather inside that cover the gun poking my gut. I love this holster. The model I have is o28c2 that I can't find any where on there website. This is like a univeral holster for all my firearms.
  16. MountainBear

    MountainBear Sweet Home, OR Well-Known Member

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    In the winter, when I generally have some sort of cover garment on anyway, I carry in a shoulder holster. It takes getting used to (at least the weight in an odd place), but is generally acceptably comfortable and accessible. During the summer, I either just deal with an IWB holster and a tight belt, or I carry pocket a j-frame instead of a full size 1911.

    It might behoove you at some point to try a gun a little skinnier than the XD9. No comments with the gun itself, i'm sure it works fine, but its wider that a 1911 type frame. Just another excuse to buy another gun to try...
  17. bwells

    bwells Longview Member

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    I ordered one of these about 3 and a half weeks ago, a lefty for a 1911, from here:


    At the time they said that it was backordered two weeks, but it still hasn't shipped.
  18. WAYNO

    WAYNO Oregon City Gold Supporter Gold Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I can certainly relate.:laugh: As my belly has grown, by buttocks have shrunk.

    I almost always use a shoulder holster, which does very well at keeping my pants up, in the process.

    When I do carry on my belt, however, I wear suspenders, and that's the only answer that works, for me.

  19. chiefchip

    chiefchip Rainier, Oregon Member

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    +1 on suspenders
  20. elsullo

    elsullo Portland Oregon New Member

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    I don't know what gun you are working with, but maybe my success story might help. Back when I was only a 44 inch waist I used to carry a Glock 19 (a light gun, 22 oz. empty I think) IWB all day in comfort. I wore a "garrison belt" which was heavy leather 1 3/4 wide. I used simple IWB holsters with a "high-ride" "forward cant", sometimes called FBI Cant, and I put it at 8:30 (that's 3:30 for you righties). I kept the belt fairly tight and it just squished the setup into my flabby sides, which supported the rig from slipping around. Most importantly, the canted slide seemed to ride on TOP of my hipbone, which supported the weight and kept it from dragging down my pants. A light jacket with an elastic bottom totally concealed it. I rarely had to adjust my belt rig, and it was never uncomfortable. Instead, it gave me a GOOD feeling to have it there.......................elsullo ;)