Fast and Furious Document Dump 64,280 pages of Claimed ‘Executive Privilege’

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    DOJ Fast and Furious Election Eve Document Dump – Justice Department Turns Over 64,280 pages of Claimed ‘Executive Privilege’ Operation Fast and Furious Documents

    Posted on November 4, 2014 by sundance
    (Via House Oversight Committee) Last night, in response to an Order from a Federal judge, the Department of Justice turned over 64,280 pages of documents that were withheld from Congress after President Obama asserted Executive Privilege on the eve of a contempt citation for Attorney General Eric Holder in June 2012.

    The sheer volume of last night’s document production—which consists entirely of documents that the Justice Department itself acknowledges are not covered by Executive Privilege—shows that the President and the Attorney General attempted to extend the scope of the Executive Privilege well beyond its historical boundaries to avoid disclosing documents that embarrass or otherwise implicate senior Obama Administration officials.
    In effect, last night’s production is an admission that the Justice Department never had legitimate grounds to withhold these documents in the first place. Approximately two-thirds of the universe of documents that the Justice Department withheld from Congress has now been shown to be well outside the scope of Executive Privilege. Continue reading
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    Thanks for posting. I'm curious to see exactly what is in them and how much further Issa can push this.
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    I am interested in the parts that were not turned over..........................................
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    It will be interesting to see what is in them. The court ruled they had to turn them over and Holder announced his resignation. I still think they burned some records showing the Administration's involvement, but we will see.
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    Everyone in the media will be so busy talking about the election, and the runoffs, and the lame duck session for the next 3 months, we won't hear anything anyway. That's precisely why they dumped them when they did.

    By the time we do hear anything, Holder will be ensconced in his new offices at the Joyce Foundation and the debate over who should run for prez against the clinton machine will be raging.

    Nothing to see here folks. Move along please.

    Of course I could be wrong, and holder could end up in federal prison,... But I sincerely doubt it.
    One of the greatest travesties of justice in my lifetime has been perpetrated against the people of two countries by these *ssholes, and there isn't a damn thing that you, me or Darrel Issa can/will ever see done about it.
    I know one thing though, I will tattoo it on every ideological discussion about this admin I am a part of for the rest of my days.

    Never, EVER forget THE MOST CORRUPT DOJ in the history of America.
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    They dumped them so the new incoming Congress can get the information and do what's needed as soon as they are in office.


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