Fanning The Hammer

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Redstick, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Yep; it's real cool and you can fire off a 6-gun faster'n you can pull the trigger on a semi-auto if'fn you know what yer doin'! Practice can build proficiency, but this is NOT a good idea unless you have a special gun that is built for fanning.
    When I recently contacted a fellow forum member with interest regarding a revolver he had listed in the Classifieds Section, I was told, ""These guns are made for fanning the trigger." What he meant was fanning the hammer, but he said he's "done it lots of times"... And that sent up alot of red flags all at once on the deal. One word about fanning: DON'T.

    Fanning, hammers ALL the action parts into junk in short order. If the seller tells you it was made for that, stay away from his guns. They may well be trashed inside.

    Fanning pounds the hand ( pawl ), cylinder ratchet, bolt ( latch ) and bolt notch to death. Even if you never fire a live round fanning it, the high speed and sudden stop of the cylinder just destroys them.

    They can be modified for fanning, but that's a totally different thing.
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    Even a lot of fast draw practice will cause the same problems only not as fast. The modified guns have a hammer block installed that limits the rearward travel so there is less stress on the hand and ratchet but the bolt still stops the cylinder hard. :D

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