Family Intro to Hunting Dog Training - July 26-27

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    Family Introduction to Hunting Dog Training Workshop

    Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27, 2014
    Where: Queener Ridge Pheasant Company near Scio, OR
    $62.00/Adult $22.00/Youth (Children 17 and under) (Minimum age of 9)
    Contact: Janice Bellis 503-947-6019 upload_2014-6-3_13-52-47.png or janice.b.bellis at

    Time: 7:30AM-4:30PM

    Registration Limit: 30

    This is a family friendly workshop open to adults, couples, and families with children who are at least nine (9) years old.

    Saturday will be spent explaining the strategies to get the most out of your current hunting dog or the hunting dog you are thinking about getting, Sunday will be a day that we actually take your dog through some actual training activities to get you started or if you do not bring a dog with you, you can observe how the trainers instructor other participants dogs to get the most out of them. Come see what it takes to train one of these incredible canine athletes. Event co-hosted by Owen Denny Chapter of Pheasants Forever, Queener Ridge Pheasant Company ( ), Green Valley Hunting and Retrieving Club ( and ODFW.

    In this workshop you will gain valuable knowledge on how to start training your hunting dog or get the most out of the dog you currently have. Training begins with obedience and ends with a dog that is eager to work with you. We’ll show you how to get started and what these amazing dogs are capable of doing with the right positive training.

    Topics will include obedience, water work, field work, tracking work, retrieving work, gun work, and bird work amongst others. If you bring your own dog please be sure to bring a picket line (a way to set the picket line) to set them in the shade while you attend the workshop. Bring a water bowl and water, bring enough water to wet the dog to keep them cool, as well as drink it. Bring food, and please check on your dog often. This workshop is not just for dog owners however, if you are thinking about getting a bird dog this training would prove beneficial to you. Dogs will not be allowed to stay in closed vehicles.

    Other Information: Primitive camping (no water or electric hookups) will be available on site for free. Participants will need a hunting license, upland HIP (Harvest information Program), and Upland Game Bird validation if you plan on having your dog work with birds. Licenses and tags will not be sold at the event. Lunch is provided on both Saturday and Sunday but all other meals are the responsibility of participants.


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