Family Bonding through Firearms

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by SynapticSilence, Sep 22, 2012.

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    I took my stepdaughter and her new boyfriend (first one since her divorce from her loser ex) to Johnson Creek Gun Club last night and we had a ball. She has a Sig P238 and I took along my Colt Gold Cup Trophy 1911, my Ruger New Model Blackhawk (45 LC/45 ACP convertible), my Kahr CM9, and my wife's new little Beretta Tomcat .32. We had a ball and it was pretty clear that my stepdaughter's boyfriend was pretty impressed with her shooting ability. He didn't really grow up around firearms (his dad's a Lutheran minister), so he wasn't much of a shot, but I was impressed that he didn't seem to mind that she could outshoot him. That added a lot to his credibility in my book.

    Interestingly enough, he lost his right eye at age 16 due to a tumor on his optic nerve and I was a bit stumped on what to tell him in turns of sighting a gun. His right eye was his dominant eye and even though he's had no sight in it for 14 years, he clearly doesn't shoot where he thinks he's pointing using his left eye. He's close, but clearly is shooting to the left of normal point of aim for a right eye dominant shooter, as would be expected if he's lining it up with his left eye. He's clearly learned to compensate, but not perfectly.

    Anyway, anybody with any ideas out there about how to help him hit what he's aiming at chime in. I'm stumped, but in the end it wasn't really the most important thing about the trip. We all had a ball and they clearly had fun together.
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    You might try using a pistol with a laser. That might help him get a feel for where the bullet point of impact is, in relation to the sights as far as he sees them.
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    Apologies to Jbett98, but "excrement from the real of a male bovine"

    Get him his own gun, allow him to sight with the optics that God provided him (and which somehow he has been partially deprived of, but still has fine equipment). He still has 50% of the best on the planet that God provided.

    Even a right-hand shooter (making an assumption here) with right eye gone, need never suffer any handicap to shooting ability.

    No specical sights are required. All that is required is an accurate gun that is his own. His percieved handicap (percieved by him alone where shooting is concerned) may well work toward him being a better shooter than those endowed with 100% of what God gave them.
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    I am not sure but I feel it is because he has not been around firearms alot. I bet with a lot of practice that he would cure the shooting to the left on his own. Perfect opertunity tospend more time with the family and get to really know the daughters new boyfriend.

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