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Families of newtown victims sue gun manf, dist.

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by clearconscience, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. clearconscience

    clearconscience Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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  2. Chee-to

    Chee-to Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Might as well sue Coors and Jack Daniels for drunk driving arrest......:s0079::s0079:
  3. tiggers97

    tiggers97 United States Well-Known Member

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    Last edited: Dec 15, 2014
  4. Sabertooth

    Sabertooth Josephine County Active Member

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    Wife got rear ended twice in the same year, in the same spot. Think I will sue Ford and Chevrolet and the dealer who solid the cars. Also I think I should sue Ford, the dealership and Jack Daniel's because Ford's pickup was used to kill my sister in-law and her family.
  5. IronMonster

    IronMonster Washington Opinionated Member Diamond Supporter

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    it sounds like the intent is publicity and to waste the money of the defendants. The basis of the lawsuit is the firearm was a "weapon of war" and thus should not have been available. It should be a very simple matter to show there are no militarys anywhere in the world issuing semi-auto sporting rifles.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2014
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  6. IronMonster

    IronMonster Washington Opinionated Member Diamond Supporter

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    Maybe someone should tell them that hammers kill more people each year than AR-15's? Oh right for some reason they are unable to comprehend logic, never mind.

    OLDNEWBIE State of Flux Well-Known Member

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    Might as well sue Philip Morris for causing lung cance...........
    I'll try that again:
    Might as well sue the Zippo lighter company for lighting cigarettes, and fires that caused deaths!:s0145:

    Seriously, subtract justifiable homicides and suicides which the gun grabbers never do.

    Go further and subtract bad guy against bad guy shootings.

    What is the number of accidental gun deaths and gun murders per year are actually happening in the US every year? A very guarded secret this number, they don't want us to know it!

    If you can find it, compare that % to accidental or intentional stabbing deaths, poisonings, car deaths, pool drownings, sports deaths or whatever else!

    They do not want these gun laws for our safety. It's obvious to anyone paying attention.
  8. donaldc

    donaldc Seattle Active Member

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    I believe that is the precedent they will try to use. Cigarettes are legal, however, the manufactures knew they caused cancer but still sold them knowing that fact.
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  9. Caveman Jim

    Caveman Jim West of Oly Springer Slayer 2016 Volunteer

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    I'm going to sue Chevrolet and lone star beer for my baby nephews death 28 years ago!!!!!!!!

    On a side note, in the Liberal play book it states "NEVER WASTE A TRAGEDY"!!!!! No matter how many times!!!

    OLDNEWBIE State of Flux Well-Known Member

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    "On a side note, in the Liberal play book it states "NEVER WASTE A TRAGEDY"!!!!! No matter how many times!!!"

    Too bad we don't have a smidgen of a % of the media on our side that the anti-gun crowd does.

    The tragedy in Sydney could have been easily averted with one shot from a concealed carrier or a gun at the ready behind the counter!

    The unarmed manager tried to wrestle the armed Islamo manic while the woman Lawyer used her body over a pregnant woman to protect her from harm. Both these good people are now dead and it could have been so much worse if the madman started killing right away. We don't even know yet if it was police that killed the victims in the crossfire yet.
    You won't hear one news anchor talk about the possibility that armed civilians could have nipped this in the bud within a few seconds and saved lives.

    That's a tragedy gone to waste!
  11. Nick Burkhardt

    Nick Burkhardt NE Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Someone has watched Runaway Jury one too many times.
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  12. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler wa Well-Known Member

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    And United and American airlines for destruction of the twin towers. Complete and utter lunacy... which almost guarantees the courts will hear the case. Has nothing to do with restitution for the families and everything to do with advancing the anti-gun agenda.
  13. Slobray

    Slobray Yelm, WA Well-Known Member

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    I think they should add the following to their lawsuit:

    The school district, they were entrusted to keep the children safe and they failed.

    Joe Biden (for introducing the "Gun Free School Zone Act"), all those that voted for it and George H. W. Bush for signing it into law. This act gave school districts a false sense of security, so they never hired armed guards.

    They should also add the state of CT and their legislature for the same law, but at state level and the same reason as above.

    Let's not forget the person or persons that designed/ordered/posted/didn't post the GFSZ sign, because it obviously didn't work. I couldn't find anything on why the sign didn't work, someone may have to do some digging as to why; was it posted or not, the size of it, the placement of it, the wording, the picture or lack of picture, the number of signs......?

  14. Liberty Machinist

    Liberty Machinist Yakima, WA Member

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    I truly feel sorry for the families.

    Though I am not sure why people think they can just just run around and sue others when it's obviously not their direct fault.

    There seems to be a lack of common sense growing in this world..
  15. deen_ad

    deen_ad Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    <- Why there aren't any school shootings in Israel!
    Teacher with long gun slung over her shoulder!!!

    Maybe it would be a good idea for it to go to court! They would have to unseal the documents, show the pictures in court and maybe exhume the bodies to prove what gun was used. There are just too many unsolved mysteries surrounding Sandy Hoax er Sandy Hook.

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    "A gun is like a parachute. If you need one and don't have it, you'll probably never need one again!"
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  16. Trailboss

    Trailboss Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Just plain sad. They're trying to turn a tragedy into a windfall.
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  17. U201491

    U201491 Well-Known Member

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    And damage the gun industry and the 2nd Amendment.
    They are being prodded and puppeteered by the anti gun leftist POS in the country.
    Turned into Marxist TOOLS.
  18. etrain16

    etrain16 Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    If I were an attorney on the side of the rifle manufacturer, I'd probably take a look into the lives of everyone filing this lawsuit and find out how many of them work for companies that produce products that have been used to cause deaths. I'd also be curious to know if any of their stock portfolios show investments in firearms companies - many folks own stuff like this and don't even know it. You could show that they are already personally profiting from dangerous tools, equipment, weapons, whatever.

    Either way, the whole thing will probably be nothing more than a dog and pony show - as others have already pointed out, several precedents have already been established that protect these manufacturers. These people are hurting, I get that, but in doing this, they are hurting many others in the name of their own grief.