Fall Protection/Tower Climbing Safety Equipment

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    Posted this stuff on CL but thought I would add it here....

    I have quite a bit of fall protection and tower climber safety equipment I am looking to get rid of. This equipment is very lightly used if used at all. Some is brand new. I was required to have all the equipment for the job but never needed to use some of the items. The items that have been used are in excellent shape and in like new condition. This equipment was not left out in the weather or in the bed of a truck. It was stored indoors in a bag and only brought out if needed. Its never even been out in the rain. The contract is over and I no longer need this equipment so I am looking to sell it. I would like to sell this as a package and will work out a deal. i am not in a hurry to get rid of this stuff so will be keeping it as all or nothing at first. I may be convinced to let a few things go by themselves. If bought as a package you really would not need anything else except for boots. Its all there.

    Miller Safety Harness: $100 (MSRP $135)
    Model: 650CN-BDP/UGN
    Elk River Tower Harness: $200 (MSRP $275)
    Model: Eagle Tower Harness 66611
    Sala ShockWave2 Shock Absorber 6': $150 (MSRP $210)
    Model: 1244409
    I have two of these.
    Miller Shock Absorbing Lanyard: $70 (MSRP $110)
    Model: 219WRS/6FTYL
    Miller Fall Limiter: $300 (MSRP $400)
    Model: FL11-8/11FT
    Brand New
    Sala LAD-SAF Cable Assist: $300 (MSRP $375)
    Model: LAD-SAF 6116540
    Brand New
    Petzl Petzl Grillon Hook 3M: $120 (MSRP $190)
    Model: L52H-003
    Have 2
    Petzl Single compact Pulley: $15 (MSRP $26)
    Model: Fixe
    Brand New In Box
    Have 2
    Elk River Ezeman Sling $30 (MSRP $48)
    Model: 26775
    Have 2
    Petzl Helmet: $60 (MSRP $90)
    Model: Vertex Best
    Petzl Helmet: $75 (MSRP $110)
    Model: Vertex Vent

    Also have carabiners and collapsable tool bag that I will throw in with a package deal. Along with a storage bag for all equipment.

    I would also be willing to trade for the right woodworking tools or a 1911

    Total $1735 Willing to drop price for a package deal.

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