Fajen 10/22 Thumb-hole Laminated Stock

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    Fajen 10/22 Thumb-hole Laminated Stock, In good condition, but has a couple of scratches from a bipod that used to be installed. The bipod in the pictures is not included. Barrel channel is .920" for a bull barrel! Here it is...

    This stock is from a rifle that was was modded into a perfect target rifle, but now I am parting it out and this is the stock. I am also selling the Ruger 10/22-RPF, the Adams & Bennett 10/22 .920" Match-grade Bull Barrel, the Mueller 4.5-14x40AO Scope, the Talley Two-piece 1" Rings for 10/22, and the Caldwell 9"-13" Bi-Pod for sling swivel stud.

    P3110002_zpsf8b77eff.jpg P3110003_zps26a6bcdd.jpg

    Trades considered:

    40S&W FMJ
    45acp JHP (high quality, at least 250 rounds)
    5.56x45 62gr green-tips
    Crimson Trace LG-907 (1911 w/ round butt)
    1911 leather holster
    Vortex Strikefire or Sparc (or similar medium-quality RDS)
    Glock magazine pouch
    40-to-357 Glock conversion barrel for Glock 23
    AR-15 Bolt (probably don't need entire BCG)
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    Damn, I just bought that Mueller scope. Have one already, needed two. Has to be the best rimfire scope I have seen for the money.
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