F/S Rem 700 R5 AICS Leo Mk 4 M3 FFP 3.5-10x40

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    I am in need of cleaning out my safe some for other projects.

    1. Remington 700 5R in AICS in OD with Brand new in Box Leupold M3 3.5x10 Front Focal Plane with TMR reticle. The rifle has 147 rounds in my logbook. The scope has the Butler caps and the stand 3 elevation dials( 223, 300 Win mag, and 168gr 308) plus it has
    an extra knob in 175gr in 308 which is my personal load. The rifle has a bolt knob from AZ Precision. It comes with Brand new Burris Tactical Rings (xtra low) and a Brand new 20 MOA rail.

    The rail, rings and scope only where loose mounted on the rifle to take pics. All shooting was done with My old Super Sniper test mule in 10X fixed.

    I bought this weapon about a year and a half ago with the idea of turning it into a 6.5 x 47 Lapua. I have the same weapon exactly with about 6500 rounds through it so it was my platform to begin with. But I had to shoot it first....big mistake after shooting this weapon I couldn't bare to break it down so I figured I keep it "as is" and then tranform my older R5 which also shoots 1/2 MOA or better. Then I got poor and realized to get more guns I had to scrap a few........and having an OD AICS
    in 6.5 x 47 just wasn't really needed when the 308 does the trick.

    This rifle in in 99.9% condition.....no scratches on weapon or the stock, comes with a 10round and 5 round mag as well as the buttstock spacer. This weapon has never even been out it the rain

    This rifle shoots exceptionally well. It even printed a one inch group at 100 yards with my delinked machine gun ammo for initial sight in. It holds 1/2 MOA out to 600 yards with 175 gr Federal or Black Hills. I have never shot it on paper past 600 but during a training class it rang the 12 x 18 hanging steel every time shooting a cross canyon and about 20% up angle. My range finder wouldn't read but a couple days later a buddy of my ranged it at 926 yards. I gave a couple students a chance with it and they all went lights out with it too.

    Besides the bolt knob all I have done is hand lap the lugs for a quit smooth action, the trigger is super clean and crisp and this is my first X-mark......I already bought a Rifle basics trigger thinking the X-mark would be horrible but this one works for me.

    *One note-for whatever reason the rifle is very average when shooting 155gr AMAX........it shoots about 7/8 MOA for 5 shot groups and some over an inch barely?? So this may not be the rifle for you if thats your load.

    Please feel free to email for pics.

    Rem 700 with mount and optic and all mentioned with a cheap plastic case $2750

    Prefer FTF but will ship to FFL if they accept from Private Party. Would drive part way in Pac NW for delivery if needed.

    possible part trades-

    1. Puma Westerner in Colt 45
    2. The right lever action rifle..prefer 45colt or 22lr
    3. Sharps Quigly model
    4. The right 1911 5inch in 45acp

    If it comes down to him or me its going to be him every single time

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