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Literally any brand/make/model and about as many as you could ask for.

These are free-range golf balls, not water-logged pond balls.

I sell almost all of them as player grade (though many are close to like new). That means they may have slight wear marks, sharpie marks or logos, but nothing that will effect playability.

I charge $1 per ball for premium make/model and .50¢ per ball for Non-Premium make/models.

If I find premium balls that are in literally new condition, I set them aside as “shiners” and I charge $2 for them, though they are pretty rare.

We also sell “hit away” or “shag” balls for .25¢ a piece. These are the “experienced” balls that really show their age. These balls will perform, but you won’t cry yourself to sleep if you go “full send” and slice them into the next county over. These balls are a big mix of brands, but if you want one certain make/model of ball I charge a bit more just to cover my time.

Premium Balls

Titleist: ProV1, ProV1x, AVX

Callaway: Chrome Soft(x), ERC, Tripple Track, Soccer Balls(Truvis)

Taylormade: TP5(x), Tour Response, TP5pix

Srixon: Z star (XV)

Bridgestone: All Tour Models

Mizuno: RB Tour

Matte Balls (Volvik, Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Srixon)

Non-Premium Balls

Literally everything not listed above.

If someone were inclined to buy me out, I’d also be open to making a bundle deal, but I don’t know many folks who would want over 15,000 golf balls, lol.

I do have roughly 5,000 Titleist ProV1(x) if someone wants a really great ball and enough to last a lifetime.

So here’s the catch… we don’t really ship. We tried the flat rate shipping boxes and they didn’t really work because it was either 12 balls or 120 balls with nothing in between and the cost made the balls more expensive. I am willing to meet up in the eastern Washington/north Idaho area though.

Willing to barter as well!! Ammo, guns, guitars, Patagonia hats, gold, hiking backpacks, metal detectors, fishing poles, wood lathes, wood turning tools, did you just cut down a maple tree? I’d trade for big chunks of wood too… etc. (I have waaaaay too many hobbies!!)

EA46DF52-257F-43AC-A0D5-A19508715358.jpeg 82983BE9-E1DD-4EC6-9D21-701CE009E023.jpeg BAA1F50B-5C09-44F2-B138-F6FE22B7A0E6.jpeg 6C5E7738-8C62-4B75-A37C-8B58CA753E2E.jpeg 6EF3604C-B8DF-46E6-8322-8C621290360F.jpeg
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