excellent cond HK usp 9mm with decocker is sold

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by 40calruler, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Gun sold for asking price. If I did not get back to you it was because you offered a lesser amount than what was already a steal of a price. Sold for asking price to someone who wanted a high end gun at a great price.

    As title says I am willing to sell this for much less than its market value as my ffl dealer has the gun I really have been wanting and cannot hang onto it too long for me. 550obo cash takes an excellent condition HK USP 9mm with three mags and factory box, 2 10 round mags 1 15 round mag. Gun is in excellent condition and as I looked into trading it in I know for a fact would be 700 or better at a gun shop. They offered me slightly less on trade so please do not think lowballing me will get this as I will just take the trade in offer.

    I will take in trade a beretta 92fs compact as that is what I want or a cz 75 compact. Otherwise pony up the cash and save yourself 400 dollars off factory retail price for a gun that functions perfect and still looks beautiful.
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