Excellent 1-owner CZ 452 Scout .22LR bolt (SOLD)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by wagon, Nov 24, 2011.

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    The rifle is SOLD. Thanks for looking.

    Buy before I change my mind ...

    Excellent like-new condition CZ 452 Scout, I'm the original owner, bought new in Feb 2010, well care of and no more than 2000 rounds down pipe. Unlike other "modern" rimfire, it is all STEEL (well ... other than the mag and the mag well).

    It is marketed as a "youth" gun but don't be fooled, it has the same guts (and bolt) as in all "adult" 452 series, only different is the shorter LOP. Like all typical CZ, this "youth" can punch single hole with a sweet upgraded trigger pull. Upgraded with Yo-Dave trigger kit to remove creep and reduced to ~2 lb pull (per my finger gauge), factory parts included should you want to return to factory spec.

    Rifle will come complete with box, paper and everything from factory, PLUS the following extras (included in the price):

    * one extra 5 rounder
    * D.I.P. weaver mount
    * Uncle Mike's sling swivels installed
    * Super Sling 2+
    * remaining unused trigger springs from the Yo-Dave kit.
    * HKS mag (belt) pouch, good to hold four 5 rounders.

    All photos are taken today except for the one taken outdoor (and the target sheet):

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