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Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by nwhpfan, Dec 6, 2014.

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    I shot the monthly USPSA match with the Eugene Practical Shooters at their club just a few miles outside of Eugene. I'm from Portland and haven't made it a point to get down there; although I did shoot there once in March.

    I have to say they put on a great 5 stage match. Shooting was done by noon and tear down took about 45 minutes.

    The MD "Bill" had some great stages that were challenging but not too crazy. There was at least 1 new shooter that got rounded up by somebody to get walked through competing. I'm sure she felt a little intimidated but I know...we've all been there :)

    They hold their matches on the 1st Saturday of the month and I'll think I'll make it a routine for me.
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    Is it just pistol shooting, or do they have 3 gun matches as well??
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    USPSA 1st Sat, steel 2nd Sat, IDPA 3rd Sat. Those are all on the schedule every month, with only rare exceptions for unusually bad weather or insurmountable schedule conflicts.

    I do run occasional IDPA-ish 3Gun matches for carbines that are PCC or .22 LR only on 5th Sundays, as the mood strikes. We can't shoot rifle calibers in our pistol bays.

    Bill Dickinson and Chris Fitzmorris have taken over the MD duties for the USPSA matches as of December.

    --Ben Bock, the former USPSA MD.

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