Eugene gun and knife show 04/11 - 04/12

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Hawaiian, Apr 6, 2015.

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    There is both a knife show and a gun show this weekend at the Lane Events Center in Eugene.
    OKCA, Oregon Knife Collectors Assoc. has a very large knife show with 360 tables of everything that cuts.
    Collectors West has a small gun show in the building next door.
    Best of both worlds if you are looking to kill some time and spend some $ this weekend.
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    The knife show lost all credibility with me when I went there with my Richtig knife three years ago and nobody there had a clue what it was... It's only one of the more collectible knives, one that a "collector" should recognize. One guy offered me $50 for it - it's been appraised at $4,500 so that would be quite a deal...
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    I have been to the knife show and found it very interesting. Lots of blades and handles for sale at very good prices. Then you see those same blades and handles put together on tables for about 4 times what the parts cost.:D Looks like the majority is Chinese steel but I did see a few rare and collectables. If you have time and money to waste then the knife show is ok.
  4. MrNatural

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    The gun show and the knife show are two separate shows.

    The gun show is the same old Collectors West show as always. Same old vendors. Same old table layout. Same old people. Same old whoopdie-do (insert golf clap here).

    The knife show, on the other hand, is sponsored by the Oregon Knife Collectors Association and is a big deal in the knife world. They draw makers and collectors from all over.

    There is a trick to the knife show, though. While the show is open to the Great Unwashed Sat & Sun, the show is open exclusively to OKCA members on Friday. So all the good stuff is pretty much gone before the doors open on Saturday. If you're in the neighborhood its still very worth going to though.

    If you're serious about knives, even for a one-time shot, you can phone and/or email the club secretary now and commit to join the OKCA and pay your dues and pick up your credentials at the show Friday evening. Then you get the early access. Its not too pricey when you consider members get in free. I do this once every 3-4 years or so when I'm feeling froggy. Otherwise I'm interested in cutlery but its not a religion.

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