ESP KH-2 guitar, excellent condition

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    This is a badass guitar. If you want to see the exact model spec for spec in action, check out Metallicas famous "live bubblegum: binge and purge" live stuff. Its a legit signature series in that Kirk Hammett actually delivered rock to the masses with this exact piece...which clearly holds more value than its computer applied "signature".
    Metallica - Justice Medley (Live bubblegum: Binge & Purge) [San Diego '92] (Part 11) [HD] - YouTube

    Comes with original case and locking strap. Everything is in excellent shape, no dings or dents, fretboard looks new.

    $1300 cash firm, no trades. I'm usually open to offers, but seeing as this is not the first place I've had this for sale, $1300 was not my starting price. There would be no reason for me to start this add higher than my add I'm running on craigslist which started at $1600.

    Ryan 503-939-3358


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