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    I'll start by saying I haven't yet been to this shop, as I never make it out to Sandy. This is based on an interaction I had with them today at the Portland gun show. I believe they are pretty new in business but not positive. According to the website they are open on the weekends and by appointment only during the week.

    While browsing for ammo and components at the gun show, I saw the usual laughable prices at the same tables as usual (and surprising nobody visits those tables). $45 for powder, $70 per brick of .22, $20 for 100 mini-mags, reloaded ammo for 10% higher than normal factory ammo prices...if you've been to a recent gun show you know exactly what I mean. Then I stumble upon a table in the back that caught my eye due to bottles of powder, brass, bullets, etc. I skeptically walk up, ready to try and contain my laughter/look of disgust at prices. They had a few different rifle powders, a little shotgun, no pistol (unless you count the 800-x). I pick up a couple different bottles and read the price tag. To my disbelief, I see strange characters and symbols that resemble $23, $25, and $28. At that point I'm confused. I rub my eyes and look again. Maybe I was tired and was mistaking "4" or even "3" for a "2". Nope. They really were selling powder for the same (or less) than stores, AT A GUN SHOW. There were .357 bullets priced ~$100 for 1000. What were they thinking? I had to get to the bottom of this.

    I spoke to a gentlemen there, Jesse, and after just a few seconds realized that they are just good people who want to earn repeat business. Imagine that! Jesse asked me about stuff I'm looking for, gave me some recommendations on equipment since I'm new to reloading. He said they sell most equipment at barely above cost and get fairly close to online prices. Said they'd rather make people happy so they come back to them to buy components for repeat business. In 2014? Preposterous!

    All sarcasm aside, I was extremely impressed with this company. Besides powders/primers/bullets, they had brass and they sell a few different calibers that they reload. I never drive to Sandy but I think I'll consider it now. He said I can just email him with what I'm looking for and if they don't have it, they'll order it if they can. I would highly recommend you at least check these guys out. If you happen to be going to the gun show Sunday, they are all the way in the back left corner. Otherwise I'll give their info:

    Eric's Armory
    18335 SE 370th Ave
    Sandy, OR 97055
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    I also stumbled on Eric's Armory at the LAST Wes Knodel's show at the Expo. At that time they had bricks of CCI large pistol primers at the regular old price. I was questioning, most likely Jesse, about using LP magnum primers in my 629 as I was having some issues with unburnt powder. After discussion, and me buying a brick of LP primers, he GAVE me a single 100 pack of LP magnum primers to try......

    I was impressed. If these guys were nearer me I'd spend bucks there for sure. Considering the crazy prices I saw at the last show! The very fer bottles of handgun powder I saw, old bottles that looked like they'd been in a basement somewhere, for $45.00!

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    The folks at Eric's Armory are very nice people, very down to earth.

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