ER Shaw 10.5" Barrels $110

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    Both barrels SPF

    Selling a barrel I got a few years back in a group buy. Barrel is 5.56 chambered, chrome lined, M4 feed cuts. Had some accuracy issues with it, Tornado Tech scoped it and noted there is some finishing problems on the inside. Apparently several of the barrels in this GB showed the same problems, they could have been factory seconds. I had them recrown it but it didn't really tighten up the groups. I'd say it shoots about 5"-6" at 100 yards.

    So I'm selling it off for someone who wants to build an SBR blaster. I only have about 50-100 rounds through it, not sure how many TT put down the barrel when I had them troubleshooting it. Who knows, maybe after 500-1000 rounds the barrel finish will smooth out and accuracy will improve.

    I've got an identical barrel that I've been holding for a friend until his paperwork came through on his SBR. This one is unfired, never been mounted. Also shows some finishing problems in the barrel finish, scratches and pits in the chrome finish, so he's asked me to sell it for him. It's also $110.

    First posted "I'll Take It" WITH AN EMAIL TO ME ALSO gets your choice of either barrel. Second one gets the remaining barrel.

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