Epicenter sale on Mountain House from Nov 5-16

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    I just got this in my email and thought I'd share it. I've purchased from this company twice and they've been great to do business with...


    TheEpicenter.com wants you to know about our upcoming Mountain House Can Sale!

    Don't miss out on some fantastic savings during our "2012 Election Week Sale" -- UP TO 32% OFF -- the LOWEST prices of the year! Sale prices will be published on our website and available only during the authorized sale period. Our sale period is scheduled to run from Monday, 11/05/12 through Friday, 11/16/12.

    Please, no advance orders will be accepted. Any orders received prior to or after this sale period will be at full retail.

    We hope you and your family and friends are able to take advantage of the SUPER LOW PRICES during our two-week Mountain House #10 Can sale!

    Epicenter Supplies LLC
    384 Wallis Street #2
    Eugene, OR 97402
    Telephone: 541-684-0717
    Email: orders@TheEpicenter.com
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    Great company to do business with - I agree; A++ - prompt shipping and only charges actual shipping cost.

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