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    I've ordered from these guys before, local group. Thought I'd pass this along:

    TheEpicenter.comSurvival supplies and practical tips online.

    20% OFF MOUNTAIN HOUSE #10 CANS at TheEpicenter.com *
    (Sale Begins 11/15/10)

    TheEpicenter.com is running a 4-week Mountain House #10 Can Sale with FREE
    SHIPPING on all #10 Cans! Our Mountain House 20% Off Sale begins Monday,
    11/15/2010 and ends on Friday 12/10/10. All Mountain House #10 product in
    stock is current production!

    No promotional code needed! All #10 can sale prices will be published on
    our website.

    Please allow up to 10 business days for order processing and up to 5
    additional business days for delivery of your order.

    The Crew at TheEpicenter.com
    (541) 684-0717
    (541) 338-9050 FAX

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