EOTech 553

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    EOTech 553(the one that takes a pair of 123 Lithium batteries and has ARMS levers), a few little scuffs from getting shoved around in the safe, seen a small amount of use between a 223, a 22LR and a 9mm AR. I like the reticle, and the sight works fine, but want to try something else, or maybe get one of the new XPS models(the 553 sits a bit far forward for my tastes on the 22LR with the MBUS on there). $500 or make an offer, or trade for the right item(C&R rifles/pistols are high on the list, also looking for a J-frame 357) FTF in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, I drive down to the Salem area sometimes as well.

    Hmm looks like I forget to put the camera in macro mode :paranoid:
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