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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by sandman1212, Nov 16, 2010.

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    I am in the National Guard and we have a long time member retiring.
    we are purchasing a springfield 1911, but want some custom engraving done.
    does anyone know a reputable shop in the local area with a good turn around?
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    Howdy Sandman,

    If all you are looking for is something like: "Presented to John Doe, with great appreciation from his fellow soldiers..." etc. , You can probably have that done at any award shop (sells trophies, plaques, etc.). If done on a M1911, best to have the slide removed from the gun, and have it done on the flat surface of the slide. This is done by computer, and you can select your font for the lettering, etc.

    If you want actual hand-engraving (fleur-de-lais, etc.) and embellishment of the gun, you will probably not get that done quickly, and you will very quickly find you are in it for very nearly or more than the gun is worth. Keep in mind that you will pay a gunsmith to disassemble and reassemble the gun to isolate the specific parts to be engraved. Most engravers have smiths that they trust and prefer for that work.

    I believe the trade organization for this art (and it is art) is the American Gun Engraver's Guild, or some such. Try a Google.

    My go-to guy for this stuff is Barry Lee Hands, in Montana. You get what you pay for, and Barry is just about the best. Here's an example:

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