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Engine turning

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Slowpoke, May 3, 2012.

  1. Slowpoke

    Slowpoke Beaverton Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I have an RIA 1911 tactical handgun. It's my first and only .45 gun. I like the fact that it was inexpensive, and like the way it feels and shoots.

    The main thing I don't like about it is the appearance of the barrel at the ejection port. It looks really rough. I was thinking an engine turned finish would look really nice.

    Being as cheap as I am, I would like to do it myself. I have numerous Dremel and air-powered tools. What I don't have is the knowledge of how to achieve the finish, and what specifically I would need.

    Anyone out there can help?
  2. jbett98

    jbett98 NW Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Brownell's for the tools and YouTube to learn how.
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  3. Hardwood floor guy

    Hardwood floor guy Beaverton Active Member

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    i have a brand new springfield 1911 and before the first shot was fired the barrel started to look like this just from racking the slide a few times,it's just a 1911 thing.
    i would be carefull to not polish the barrel too much or it will lose tollerance.
  4. EMP9596

    EMP9596 Two Trees West of Camas, WA. Active Member

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    The Dremel tool is a gunsmiths best friend... :(

  5. 358guy

    358guy Oregon Member

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    A flat nosed felt bob on your dremel with a little rouge would probably do it assuming you have a very steady hand. My favorite method is a pencil in a drill press, eraser down. Make sure not to put anything more aggressive than rouge on it and you won't be able to polish it under tolerance inside a week. Just keep from heating up the hood, if you can keep your finger on it you'll be fine.
  6. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Ardenwald, OR Well-Known Member

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    In order for engine turning to look good the spacing has to be perfect. A milling table is really need for a good appearance.

    As far as tools I use a nylon brush from Dremel, I put some shrink tube around it so the brush does not spread out when I apply pressure. I use a med grit compound. Here's a bolt from a 10/22. Brownells selling a kit for doing bolts or other round surfaces.

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