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Enfield No4MkI(T) Sniper Rifle

Not all guns start fun or interesting, but at the least, they are canvases with which to make something fun or interesting...

I watched Seige at Jadotville some time and back and decided I probably needed to have one of those. But that will likely be a build, as the costs of an original are prohibitive...
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In the late 50's Dad bought one of these and "sporterized" it. He said he kept the handguard and the part of the forend that he cut off, but I have not found them yet. It was his hunting rifle until his 67th birthday when I bought him a new 30-06.
It's resting comfortably in it's green, wooden box. The scope and stuff is there, too. I've not fired it since Dad passed away a couple of years ago, but I plan on taking it hunting at least one more time. :D
Hal OPeridol
Some folks are asking for a little info and history.

This rifle is the sniper variant of the No4MkI Enfield rifle. It was the main battle rifle of Great Britain and her allies during ad after WWII, except for Australia, which continued to use the No1MkIII.

The No4MkI rifle was developed just prior to WWII as a replacement to the venerable No1MkIII, designed for faster and more efficient manufacture. Caliber and magazine capacity remained the same, as did the general appearance. a sniper version was needed, and this was the end result.

Called the No4MkI(T), rifles that showed potential for accuracy during test firing were set aside. Once enough of these rifles were collected they were sent to the famous gun firm of Holland and Holland. There the rifles were inspected, disassembled and then modified to sniper configuration. Mounting pads were attached to the left side of the No4 receiver, using screws and soft solder. Rifles were bedded and trigger assemblies gone over and polished for consistent feel and pull. Fore-ends were numbered to the receivers. A telescopic sight, either a No32 MkI, MkII or MkIII were fitted to the rifle and scope number stamped on the buttstock.

Rifles also received a TR stamp to the butt socket, a T stamp to the siderail and a wooden cheekpiece was affixed to the butt stock by two screws.

Once fired and found acceptable, rifles were placed in the No15 wooden case, which also contained a scope can with the mated scope, and a US Army leather M1907 sling.

The No4MkI(T) served the British Army until replaced by the L42A1 sniper rifle in the 1960's and 1970's. India, Holland, Belgium and Israel were some other countries that fielded the No4MkI(T) after WWII.


Needless to say, that is a real piece of history right there, especially with the transit chest bearing the word 'Northants' - the postal abbreviation for Northamptonshire, the county to the west of the one in which I live. These have been steadily rising in price over here in yUK, from the just about affordable to the ridiculous. Today, such a rifle in its wooden transit chest and with all it accessories, including the Scout 'Regiment' three or four-drawer telescope are selling for around $7-8000 or so. The ultra-rare Canadian Long Branch version up to half as much again. My pal Dave over here has one such set-up, and I bleeve I've shown it here.

Being poor, I don't have one, but I DO have this in my poor person's collection of telescopic sights. It is a tool-room prototype for the Mk32 telescopic sight, complete with lack of graduations, if you'll forgive the Irishness of that statement.


In keeping with my policy of buying what I want as cheaply as possible, I paid £20 for it, on the basis that, since it is unmarked by any form of maker's name or even descriptive data, it must be a knock-off made in Hong-Pan. Having recently been offered North of $2500 for it by a guy collecting for a well-known association that specialises in sharp-shooting arms down the ages, I feel that I did pretty well.


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