Endangered Species Sighted!

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by elsullo, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Yes, I saw a NEW Ruger Mini-14, blued with wood stock for about $650.00. That was last Thursday; probly gone by now (sorry, too busy to post earlier). It was the SE Woodstock Ave Bimart store in Portland. NOBODY seems to be able to get these nowadays. I should have bought it but it was too hard to find a sales clerk!

    And I see that a barely used stainless/synthetic Mini-14 (pre-2008 skinny barrel version) with a sharp, small Nikon 4X scope is still at 99 Pawn, South of Milwaukie OR, for an even HIGHER price than earlier. Two weeks ago they muttered that they would take $675.00 for the combo.

    99 Pawn also has a brand new thumbhole AK-47 semi in cheap black paint, Hungarian I think, for the ridiculous price of $1200.00. HAHAHAHAHAHAH New Euro-AK's are just not like pre-ban Polytechs! Maybe offer them half?

    So, brace yourselves, 99 Pawn also has a very nice tricked-out Norinco D-model SKS, the factory kind that takes AK mags. Nice synthetic stock, metal heat shield, and kewl muzzlebreak, but bring your own magazine to test out how well it works---their mag is questionable. I was too dazzled to note the price, but it seemed not out of line. I would have bought it on the spot if only it was not so heavy.

    To keep myself from buying the SKS, I flanched down on a GORGEOUS Marlin 336C, with beautiful checkered, rippling-grained walnut stock. A couple of scuffs, but not a speck of rust, and a perfect bore---$325.00 out the door with a free soft-case made me a happy hunter-gatherer!

    The punchline is that at Northwest Armory on 99E on the way home: not a single box of .30-30 ammo! Completely cleaned out! No knowing when more is coming! WHAT! NO .30-30! Is the End OF The World here already?...................................elsullo :paranoid:
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    The Bi-Mart in Sutherlin has at least one Ruger Mini-14 Blued/Wood. If anyone wants me to I could check while I'm there tomorrow and see if it's still there.
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    I saw a Mini-14 with a 20 round magazine in that same BiMart today. I thought it looked like it might have the 16 inch barrel. I'd love to have one! :)

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