I have found a used 9mm emp with night sight and 3 mags. Its in store, price is around 980$ prior to fees. I asked the guy to hold it for a day. I dont know a round count and it appears to be in general good condition. I have been looking for this pistol but I have to ask, is this a reasonable price for a used emp? Is it smart to buy a pistol like this in used condition? Break in issues? abuse? I see them on gunbroker for 1100 to 1200 brand new. I guess what Im asking is, would you buy it? Seems it might be better to drop another 150-200 and get a new pistol....... Opinions? Advice? Areas of interest to inspect? Thanks to any owners that can give me there opinions.
To me, the biggest advantage of buying used, is avoiding sales tax and any other fees attached to a new gun.

If you"re going to shell out that much on a used one... I'd pay ever so slightly more, and have the piece of mind that comes with being the only one to have fired it!

just my .02

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