EMF Dakota .45LC

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    Almost mint condition single action EMF Dakota made in Jager Italy in .45LC with a 7 1/2" barrel. Only negative for a new owner is that the grips have inlaid brass initials (not mine). You can find new grips easily on the web or I can I can put you touch with a gentleman in Washington County who can make a high end new set for around $65. A grand total of 56 cowboy action loads put through it. Inherited this a few years ago but unfortunately it's too expensive to shoot and just not practical for our needs. This revolver has not been out of the house in over two years.

    I'm looking to trade it for another single action in .357 magnum, youth size Mossberg 500 20 gauge or a nice rifle in .22lr, .17hmr, 22-250 or .223. Might possibly consider a .243. Cash price will be $350 and not a nickel less. Located in Vernonia and prefer to meet within 30 minutes of here.
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