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  1. Northwest Firearms

    Northwest Firearms Pacific Northwest Site Maintenance

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  2. VWTim

    VWTim Corvallis, OR Member

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    A decent cheap shooting range. I believe the office is volunteer ran by members so it's a crapshoot to who's working. Some of the guys there are great, others are not so much. The facility is pretty good with a covered shooting line.
  3. Ben B.

    Ben B. Eugene Member

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    I'm a member there, yes it is cheap to shoot there as a nonmember on the 100 yd range, yes it is run by members and a crapshoot on who is working as a rangemaster. It's also cheap to belong there, and that makes it nice place to shoot. The facility is decent to good. A shotgun range improvement is nearly complete, we went over budget and it looks pretty good. The clubhouse was gutted is being rebuilt and should be nice and new. It's an NRA style range, with all the good and bad that entails. Nice youth programs.
  4. C96

    C96 Mid Willamette Valley New Member

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    Shot there for a couple of years, 96-98, thought it a good place so I joined. Bunch of good guys there BUT a couple of the club officers were some real grade A jerks. A couple of run ins with two of them and decided it wasn't worth the frustration. Left after that.
  5. boxer13

    boxer13 PNW Active Member

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    Some days are awesome and I encounter folks that make me want to become a member but other times I've been frustrated by over zealous range masters with their overbearing demeanor.

    Nobody likes dealing with a jerk at the range and certainly not one who is also the "boss".
  6. torrejon224

    torrejon224 Springfield, OR Member

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    I am the new Chief Rangemaster at EEGC. Granted there have been some real aholes working there in the past but I plan to change that and have the backing of our board behind me. We are in the process of designing an entirely new public range with many improved features to include more l;anes for handguns. I will be offering CCW and basic handgun/home protection classes hopefully later this year. We are still an all volunteer organization but I will be certified as a Chief Range Safety Officer by the NRA in two weeks and upon return all of our range masters will be trained by me and also be NRA certified a Range Safety Officers. This will ensure that everyone is on "one page" in regards to the operation and safety of the ranges. If you have any comments, complaints, etc please feel free to contact me thru this site or our web page Emerald Empire Gun Club