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    SB700 and others – Gun Control - Second Amendment

    Just an update on suggested Gun Control legislation presently in the legislature. At the present time SB700 – which calls for deeper intrusion on private gun sales – and the other suggested bills by Senate President Peter Courtney – are held in the Senate Rules Committee. Rules is one of the committees which continues to operate right up to the last day of session.

    There has been some talk about reviving the bills – and remember the saying – “no bill is dead until the last gavel falls” – so we ask that you remain vigilante. Keeping up the work on emails, letters and phone calls is important – right to the very end. You can track the gun bills at This information system is very user friendly and will help you stay up to date on legislation you wish to follow.

    Recently I learned that lobbyists have been hired by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund so additional pressure will be applied to the anti-gun elected officials within the Legislature.

    I want to confirm with you that I remain a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and will do all I can to prevent these bills from passing through the House.

    Thank you again for writing, staying in touch, and being vigilante on this very important matter.


    Please take a moment and click on the link - sign up to stay in touch -

    Oregon Representative Sal Esquivel
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    I got the same email from both Sen. Johnson and Rep Esquivel . Up standing folks if you ask me .

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