Elbe Hills Cleanup Sep ?? 2013

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What day should be hold the Elbe Cleanup in Sep?

  1. Sep 14

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  2. Sep 21

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  3. Sep 28

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    There are references to Elbe Hills shooting pit online, it is a part of the "Elbe Hills ORV" where there is a lot of 4WD activity. We've cleaned up there before, twice in 2012 and once in May. Last May, no one showed up except the two DNR people and me and my kids, so I want to make sure we get more people out there in Sept. My kids aren't 100% useful and I broke my ankle pretty bad and had surgery, so I will still be recuperating in Sept (but I'll still go). We picked up in Oct 2012, and it was a little cool, and Sept is a non-Puyallup Show month, so we won't have that to interfere.

    We had people show up at the range and help out without prior planning, that was encouraging. But last May was a major downer, we had a major incident at the range where a guy who wanted to shoot blew his stack and caused a major commotion with the DNR staff and for the first time, we finished without really picking up the range since we did not have enough people. So PLEASE, if you do commit, PLEASE show up. The Elbe Hills shooting pit is a high visibility part of the overall DNR park and reflects upon us gun owners and many gunowners just trash the place and cause damage. If we have enough people like we did in 2012, we can actually have a trail party go along the trail and pick up and clean damage that shooters have caused along the trail.

    So if you can, please commit and show up at our meet up location at the Eatonville Subway/Shell station at 9am the pickup day, so we can allocate people. Please note the days you can commit and if you do commit, please show up, thanks!

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