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I recently came across an intriguing YouTube channel called "Efficient in the Field". The creator of this channel has spent four decades honing his survival skills and applying the 80/20 rule to his approach. With a focus on extreme efficiency in various field scenarios, this channel offers a unique perspective on survivalism.

From what I have gathered, the creator aims to share their extensive knowledge and experience with the public, providing practical insights into surviving challenging situations. The videos cover a range of topics, including preparing for self-defense scenarios, survival techniques, and strategies for when things go awry ("shtf" or "when bubblegum hits the fan" scenarios).

What sets this channel apart is its emphasis on efficiency. The creator seems to prioritize optimizing one's approach to survival, making the most of available resources, and leveraging the 80/20 rule. This rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, suggests that 80% of outcomes result from 20% of efforts. By focusing on the most critical aspects, the creator aims to help viewers maximize their chances of survival in the field.

As an observer, I find the videos both intellectually stimulating and entertaining. The creator's experience shines through as they share practical tips, techniques, and strategies. The content seems to strike a balance between providing valuable information and engaging the audience in an adventurous journey.

If you're a survivalist enthusiast looking for practical insights and entertaining content, this channel might be worth exploring.
Watched a few videos, nice voice, good content. I can listen to this while I work or do other random stuff. Worth a sub if you are into that kind of content.

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