Effective January 1, 2014 the ORM-D classification will be obsolete

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    I've caught whiff of this on other web forums and UPS website. I've found several references to a FedEx "Dear Customer" letters also advising the change, but could not find a link to in on FedEx's web site.

    Some think shipping rates will increase, that Small Arms Ammunition change to a higher hazard classification. In my opinion, the impact to us is:

    After January 1, 2014, we can no longer identify ammo with a "ORM-D" label or designation, and must start using the new designation "UN0012", Cartridges, Small Arms, 1.4S (ADG). (UN what? Of course I have to raise a stick about that one. :))

    But seriously, I am bringing this up now because the OMR-D-Air will also expire in January 1, 2013, just a handful of months away (A concern only to those of us who can afford to have their ammo transported by air :p).

    Bottom line, it is better we bring this out to the open today and get properly informed, and not have our ORM-D or ORM-D-Air labeled shipments returned, or something.

    Some links:
    UPS: ORM-D - Ground Service
    Ammo may be shipping HAZMAT next year - Nevada Shooters
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    HAZMATPAC - Hazmat Codes

    about the U.N. shipping codes.

    I understood (And can be totaly wrong) that the only rel change is going to be the labeling. There will still be a choice between overnight express and ground shipping.
    Will have to quize my Fed-ex account rep next time I talk to her.

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