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Editorial - Killer Survivalist -

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by getreadyportland, May 3, 2012.

  1. getreadyportland

    getreadyportland Portland, Oregon, United States Member

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    I wanted to share and editorial Michael Posted in our newsletter..

    Here is a link to our original article Editorial – Killer Survivalist | The Portland Preparedness Center

    A man who was described in court documents as a self-trained survivalist was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a remote bunker in Washington state last week, several days after he murdered his wife anddaughter. (Full story here).
    What are the lessons that we as preppers – not survivalists – can learn from this?
    From our perspective as long-time advocates of being prepared for a wide range of possible catastrophes, we find it completely shocking that anyone can become so deranged that they would kill their own family, and then commit suicide.
    Such incidents are always front page news, and this in turn tends to create the impression that survivalists, including perhaps those featured on the Doomsday Preppers TV series, are not only eccentric, they’re also dangerous nutters.
    This in turn, we’d suggest, can put readers and viewers off the idea of becoming prepared themselves, because they do not want to be ostracized by their families and peers. So they do nothing.
    Clearly, those who approach the concept of preparedness from a level-headed point of view are never going to become the aggressor if and when a state of chaos occurs.
    Yes, they are legitimately prepared in many ways to defend themselves and their loved ones. But they are not the sort of people who will go on the offensive, because that is not what preparedness is about.
    Sadly, incidents such as that in Washington state suggest that there is a widespread feeling of unease, discontent and even fear that society is breaking down very rapidly. Genuine concern over the constant imposition of new laws designed to take away more and more freedoms seems to have driven some people into a state of paranoia.
    How can we change this scenario? How can we proactively protect those freedoms that were considered sacrosanct by the Founding Fathers but seem of little concern to our legislators today?
    We’d suggest that it has to start at the local level of politics and that means within one’s own neighborhood. Team work is essential. Helping each other in an emergency is a natural response.
    Therefore, if we see the erosion of liberties as an emergency in its own way, we should be countering such moves with moves of our own – fair-minded, well thought out strategies that are totally within the law in order to ensure that new laws are not drafted and crafted in ways that take away longstanding rights and liberties.
    Attend your local council meetings. Write to your representatives. Sign petitions. Use every possible avenue to have your voice heard. You have that right, but the way things are going, ifyou don’t use it, you’ll soon lose it.
    Those who are featured on Doomsday Preppers are obviously sincere in their beliefs. Some are concerned about the Yellowstone volcano erupting. Others are worried about an economic collapse, a pandemic, the New Madrid Fault, an EMP from the sun wiping out the grid, or major earthquakes and tsunamis.
    Hopefully, this series is inspiring many more people to make their own self-sufficiency preparations, because it must be obvious that no government agency will be able to assist the millions of people in total who will be in jeopardy when any one of those events occurs.
    While we would never personally go on national television and reveal anything about our own preparedness plans, we should commend those who have done what they thought was right in helping others to reconsider what “survival” and preparedness are about.
    Whether we live in cities or in rural areas, we should get to know our neighbors. We don’t necessarily need to reveal everything about what we are doing, but when the time seems right, it would do no harm to ask how you would co-operate in the event of any emergency,
    starting perhaps with the idea of finding ways to help each other in something as simple as a storm and power outage.
    Why not join your local CERT or Neighborhood Emergency team.
    And learn First Aid so you can help those in need when the time comes.
    Quietly continue preparing to weather whatever sort of storm is coming – and there will be quite a variety as 2012 continues to unfold.
    We live on a dynamic earth that periodically goes through major upheavals. We are also seeing social and economic turmoil in many different countries – which is why we suggest, very seriously, that this could well be the year of the Great Collapse. Not to mention the fact that the sun hasn’t yet reached the peak of this particular cycle, so the electric grid remains a real source of concern.
    Sure, the rest of 2012 might be a bumpy road – so we’d suggest you hold on to your tinfoil hat:)
    Michael Knight
  2. kenno

    kenno eastern WA Active Member

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    Apparently this guy that killed his wife and kids had been seperated from them, they werfe both terrorfied of him and the wife had left notes with her family that her hubby was out to kill her. The furniture in the burnt home was piled against the door as a barricade.
    His "Bunker" was a one person affair so he never intended to protect his family, he may have escaped except for the snow. He was a nutter and he should have offed himself first, but nutters don't think of others, just themselves.
  3. getreadyportland

    getreadyportland Portland, Oregon, United States Member

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    Thank you for the additional information. It puts the tragedy in a realistic perspective. As the author of the Portland preparedness center newsletter editorial, I would add that MOST - which means 99.999 per cent - peppers are common sense people who are self-reliant, self sufficient, and very very stable in their preparedness planning. I have learned over the past 67 years that it is not what people SAY (e.g. politicians) but what they DO...that indicates who they are. There is GREAT stability and wisdom within all the people I have seen who are concerned about the current BS in politics. They are determined to PREPARE FOR AND PROTECT themselves and their families, including their grandchildren, in these very difficult times. Sincerely. Michael Knight. Portland Preparedness Center.
  4. ATCclears

    ATCclears Seattle area, WA Well-Known Member

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    I read different about the furniture, in that they didn't use that door and had furniture against it.

  5. 2506

    2506 Seattle Well-Known Member

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    "Some are concerned about the Yellowstone volcano erupting."

    No need to be concerned. When it goes, that's all she wrote.
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  6. rdb241

    rdb241 Puyallup Washington Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    That will take out a VERY large portion of north America.
  7. getreadyportland

    getreadyportland Portland, Oregon, United States Member

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    Nobody says much about it, because it's so much closer to millions of people, but the Long Valley Caldera in California is IMHO more likely to blow than Yellowstone. I notice that the USGS recently removed themselves from their premises there and now use a safe spot somewhere in southern Oregon from where they do their monitoring. Maybe that's telling us something....or not. Personally, I've become aware that the earthquakes around the world are on the increase, and that in turn is putting pressure on many volcanoes.
    I'm not sure how useful my breakdown Henry .22 in my get-home (aka bugout) bag will be when it comes to facing those sort of threats:)
  8. Sabertooth

    Sabertooth Josephine County Active Member

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    They moved because they found out that California was not part of the United States and they could not operate outside the U.S so off to Oregon.