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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Give this a read, if you would and offer some thoughts on my premise.

    Everybody knows I'm a card-carrying journalist, and cases like this always make my eyebrows twitch a bit, professionally.

    Also, if anyone wants to engage longtime reader John Comeau on the pot versus gun rights thing, go ahead and keep it civil.

    ;) :thumbup:

    In cultural war, Seattle Times edits out key points in Colo. story

    The culture war between urban liberals and rural conservatives is given a hard look in today’s Seattle Times, which picked up a longer Associated Press story about four Colorado counties that want to break away and form their own state, and the Times edited out five key paragraphs that Seattle elitists, like those in Denver and everywhere, simply refuse to understand.

    In cultural war, Seattle Times edits out key points in Colo. story - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com
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    Well reading this, I hardly think it's a mortal sin. Sloppy yes. A lot of times I think the 'culture war' is blown out of proportion. ie, Happy Holidays. I guarantee you no one means 'Happy Kwanzaa' or they'd have said it. Happy Holidays is just combining Christmas and the New Year, which has been done for a pretty long time. But, back to secession...

    I can see why a lot of people feel the need to be reactionary over the secession issue. It brings some bad associations, but what makes it tolerable for me is that they merely want to form their own states for better representation. I'm all for that.
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    Yeah, it isn't to keep the "cotton pickers a pickin' fo' free", like the last time.
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    Northern CA and Southern OR have also talked about secceding and creating the state of Jefferson. A few countied in CA even voted to support it. Too bad the Constitution prohibits the creation of a new state from existing state land without the authorization of the state that would lose land.

    I could see larger states doing it on purpose though, to get more influence in national elections. Why not have Texas split up and get 4 conservative votes in the senate?
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    More proof that progressive want this utopian culture one size fits all and the rights of the individual mean nothing especially since our constitution is based on the rights of individual. Its so much easier to control the masses when eveyone agrees and lives like progressives. Personally I could not deal with the caos and drama on a daily basis the last 5 years proves that.

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