EDC Update: Caliber, Capacity, Comfort, and Other Concerns

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Apr 14, 2011.

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    As many already know, I chose to move away from semi-auto handguns for my EDC and go back to my firt love...revolvers. I took a little heat for this decision from a few people. They felt a revolver was just not adequate for EDC. Well, I hate to break it to them but I have been carrying my low capacity, small caliber, archaic revolver for well over a month now and I am still alive. It has not managed to get me killed yet. :)

    I did a little video on YouTube stating pretty much the same thing I just said here where I get a bit more in-depth into how I carry the gun, how comfortable it is, and how I deal with printing issues. Anyone who is interested in seeing how proud I seem to be of my pot belly and love handles will want to check it out. :)

    YouTube - EDC Update: Caliber, Capacity, Concealment, Comfort. & Other Issues

    PS: I apologize for the background noise. The camera was sitting across the room on a tripod which was close to the entrance to the kitchen and it picked up the sound of the dishwasher running in the other room.
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    I carry a Bull dog pug in .44spl 5 rds of 200 grain hollow points and two speed loaders. I have never once felt under gunned.

    I'm about to get a little lighter and as soon as I can I'm picking up a Charter Arms Undercover in Stainless 5 rd of 38 +P looking at some Wadcutter shaped slug with a hollow point. I want a 10' gun something that won't punch a tiny hole straight through the zombie. I want something that will break a rib and head in half a dozen different directions.
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    I think what happens, is people don't know and choose the firearm someone else uses. The needs of the military is not the same as Police, the police not the same as security/rent-a-cop, and the same for a personal defense at home. We all don't live in the same area. IMHO, the most important part is the person not the firearm that they carry. Conceal carry can be like the seat belts in your car. So far I have never needed them. I wear them, just in case I do one day. That day may never come. So part of all of this is our view of risk, where we live and what our needs are. Knowing what you have and how to use it, to me, is more important than what you carry. As I mentioned in the pass, I carry any thing from a .22 Beretta to a raging bull (hunting-backup).

    There is no one perfect choice. Wheel gun are regaining popularity because, the do have some nice feature, simple to us, slightly more safe, they work in most situation, etc.

    Probably, just like the average citizen on the street a need will never arise. A little situational awareness will help you to avoid a major firefight with thugs carrying F/A. ;) There are a lot of great choices today, again the person is the important part of all of this.

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