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Discussion in 'Defensive Carry & Self Defense' started by JSchuster, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. JSchuster


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    As I move in the direction of EDC I'm curious to know what the consensus is on carrying while in a situation where you will/may consume alcohol.

    When I was young, I was taught that firearms and alcohol are mutually exclusive. PERIOD. During camping trips on BLM land we would shoot during the day and once BBQ and beers came out, parents would lock up the firearms for the night. I ALSO was taught that if you're in a place where OTHERS are consuming alcohol it's best to leave deadly force at the door. Which is concerning, because these are the places we're also worried about OTHERS showing poor judgement.

    Are you:
    Case by case? (i.e. a beer w/ dinner is a carry, St Patricks Day or a party is leave at home)
    Always on? (Dinner, Bar, New Years Eve, Bachelor Party... its always on me)
    Always off? (Beer w/ dinner, beer w/ yard work... I'm putting it away)

    Thanks in advance for your insight.

    ps. I respect my parents' decision. In teaching safe handling with numerous children around, I feel their stance was justified.
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  2. Max713

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    Also curious on the subject. I often leave the carry at home when pub bound.
  3. Sgt Nambu

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    Good job by your parents, JS.

    I carry full time, even at home. I drink very little when I'm armed! I'll go into a club or bar to eat and consume one beer or a glass of wine but that will be my limit!
    If a place looks rowdy, has redneck or rap blasting I'll turn right around and leave. I won't enter a bubblegum or bar in WA as it's illegal except to eat and I won't flirt with disaster!:cool:

    Adding a PS here, if I'm driving I'm not drinking! I never "fondle" a firearm when I've had any alcohol!
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  4. nammac

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    For me this is pretty straight forward, no drinking and driving, no drinking and carrying.

    Don't need to open myself up to liability like that, just not smart...

  5. AndyinEverson

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    If I am carrying I do not drink.
    While at hunting camp or rendezvous , sometimes the beer or other assorted joyjuice will make a showing , but only after the guns are put away.
    It is very relaxing to discuss firearms by a campfire and having a nice drink , just be aware of how much you have.

    Stuff happens as they say , even under the best of conditions.
    Some mistakes you can't fix , so why take a chance?
  6. Stomper

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    "Disaster", you must be talking about that pretty waitress who works... well just about everywhere. :D
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  7. etrain16

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    I'm pretty much right on target with @Sgt Nambu, I avoid any location that looks to be seedy, where potential trouble may be an issue. I'm not really a bar guy anyway, so it's not a biggie for me. But there are plenty of pubs or restaurants with bars/lounges that we do like to visit, and yes, I do carry there (Not if I'm in WA since that's illegal), but I rarely drink, and if I do, it's one and only one, and it's with a meal.

    Part of this is knowing yourself. If you have a short temper, you shouldn't carry, no matter where you go. If you can't limit your drinking to one, maybe two max, when you're out, then you definitely shouldn't be carrying. If you're the kind to jump into someone else's fight just because, then you shouldn't be carrying.

    I don't have an issue with people carrying in a bar, so long as they police themselves really well. If they can't keep to strict limits on how much they drink, then they shouldn't be there or shouldn't be carrying. I stop short at passing yet another law in Oregon to match what they have in Washington as I do believe most adults are smart enough to self-police their own actions. And, I guess if they demonstrate they can't handle that level of responsibility, then that individual can pay the consequences by losing their right to carry - no need to come down on everyone else.
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  8. DuneHopper

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    Its a family rule here, booze comes out guns go away no guns in the house, the deck or outside once " any alcohol is to be consumed ". If I go to others houses and there is drinking depends if family or friends and if I am partaking. If I am not I will carry when there are strangers at these events and I wont drink most times either. I don't do bars and pubs anymore so this my take.
    But if I go where people are drinking and I am not I do not chamber and its locked in the holsters.
  9. Joe13

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    Just to clarify real fast - in WA you can go into a red robin type eatery you just can't walk into the 21+ area (bar) with your gun.

    I don't drink anymore but if I did I would have the gun locked in the car - no need to leave myself open to that kind of liability.

    I go to my buddies grill occasionally and because I know a lot of the bartenders socially I still leave my pistol in the car so I can go in that area and bs with them.

    If I'm going in somewhere else to eat then I have no need to go into the bar and I keep my gun on me.
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  10. misterarman

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    Washington's drinking establishment gun laws sure seems like back door gun control to me.
    Easy answer for me is don't drink.
    With a Commercial Drivers License you only get half the legal limit anyway so you're on the verge of a DUI with just one drink so I really couldn't even if I wanted to.
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  11. slimer13

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    I haven't been drunk in years but I drink fairly often. Sometimes I am carrying, sometimes I drive, sometimes I reload. I'm an adult and can make decisions as to when I've reached impairment. I don't do those things then.
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  12. DuneHopper

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    Here last year within a week of each other two nimrods same bar different night shot them selves one on the leg one in the foot.
    I guess when your drunk with a gun and you walk up to a lady and say hey want see my python ?
    You should probably say Colt first.
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  13. DuneHopper

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    I too don't drink anymore, my last drink was Tuesday hehe. I actually didnt drink for 12 years from 2005-2012 and then only drink now here and there. Keep moderation, I stopped not because I had and alcohol problem, I had a getting my arse in trouble when drinking problem. No legals run ins luckily but added allot of complications to my life. Now days its more of a social thing and never done at bars or clubs. I am not a drink and drive guy I value my low low low insurance rates I am serious I tell people that and I am serious not worth it also drinking and carrying is not worth legal hassles it brings.
  14. JSchuster


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    Wow! Appreciate everybody's thoughtful (and/or clever) responses.

    I agree that the liability is a major concern. It just adds another complication to having to defend your use of force in a situation. If you're drunk it's pretty obvious you shouldn't be making that judgement. But they say at .04 (one drink) your judgement and reasoning become impaired... Doesn't sound like extra fun in court.
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  15. Thebastidge

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    Only 16 states prohibit carrying in bars, and blood is not running in the streets in the other 34.

    I carry if I go to a bar in Oregon (legal) but not Washington (not legal). It's a pain in the bubblegum in Washington. I rarely have more than one rink in public, two if we're there a long time. I keep myself to the same rules I personally would use for driving. No more than one an hour with food, or space them out further without, don't have too many in a row even if I space them out. Be responsible for myself.

    Often enough, entertainment, food, and enough space to get seated without someone's kid acting out are only available in the bar. Sometimes people in the bar may act aggressively. I'm going to leave that place whether I have a gun with me or not.
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  16. ZA_Survivalist

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    Even being the DD at a bar is stupid dangerous. On average, at nearly every bar I go to there is some tiny guy (who ALWAYS packs a knife) who has drank far too much who wants to fight the biggest guy in the bar (usually me). At first I didnt carry as a DD (when I opted to be one) or as a patron because alcohol and firearms dont mix.. Even if I hadnt been drinking it would still look bad because the "victim" would have been so intoxicated they "didnt know any better".. Well.. Now I carry no matter what. If I drink I dont have much (6'6 & I weigh 300+ lbs) and usually leave before 12:30.. Nothing good happens after 12:30 at a bar. Risk goes up, people are wasted..etc.

    Long story short, after seeing a few faces smashed in
    (between others fighting) and a few stabbings
    (no joke, have seen 2 first hand) I dont go out all that often, but when I do, I go armed. I wont let some drunk Rtard put me in the hostpital and ruin my financial life, health as well as my business all because he had some insecurity to overcome. The biggest thing is to inform the bar staff then just walk away or leave that bar when those things come up.

    I dont venture to bars or clubs often, but they can be very fun from time to time.. So ruling them out isnt for me.. Plus I like dancing.. I meet quite a few ladies that way.
    I've just seen enough to where I wont go out unarmed, if I feel the need to drink to get intoxicated (rarely) Ill just stay home make some actual drinks (not watered down bar drinks) and order a pizza while I watch a movie.
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  17. PiratePast40

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    Couldn't agree more. It's all about personal responsibility. It seems that every time the government, or anyone else, tries to make rules about morality and responsibility, some take that to mean that they can check their own moral compass at the door.
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  18. Martini_Up

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    I'm an adult with certain rights and certain privileges. While under the influence of alcohol limits my privileges, I won't allow it to limit my rights. Then again, I am an adult and understand all of this.

    Did I mention I'm an adult?

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  19. RicInOR

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    Well add to the list:

    Prescription Meds. How many carry the warning "Do Not Operate..."
    Pot. In my life experience, alcohol use is more likely to lead to violence and pot leads to mellow, but some get paranoid.
    Family Gatherings. For many, many people family is their trigger.

    How about at home? If you have had a few to celebrate ... then some Bad Actor decides their wants are more important than your stuff ...

    For me, my choices include:
    1. Don't go anyplace I expect bad things to be happening. (in a SHTF time this might be set aside)
    2. If I am planning to drink, ex. Football party, then the carry gun is in the box. (the others are in their safe places already.
    3. If I have a limit - like one beer with dinner - then I don't change my daily routine.
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  20. 2A2Dend

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    When I use to go out to have a drink, I did not carry while doing so. When I did decide to go to the lounge, I went to the local veterans lounge for the people and atmosphere. That was years back. Any other establishments, the drinks are watered down, and too expensive. So I don't go. To also add as others have mentioned, people can't handle their alcohol and all hell breaks loose.

    A DUI is not worth it. It's not "just" a driving offense, as it affects your auto insurance, and stays with you for years. Had a friends wife that got pulled over years back, and she was committed to a breather connected to the ignition for a year, among other things. BIG BUCKS.

    I drink at home. The people I hang with do the same. If we have a get together to tank it up, we plan to spend the night because we all know we'll be getting silly around the fire pit. Big breakfast in the A.M. and off we go.

    I don't carry (or handle firearms) if I drink.
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