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I have never understood this.

@solv3nt , did you do this?
This is what I've settled on for now but always looking for ways to tweak and improve.
Canik MC9 w/ IWB holster
Extra mag
(Both loaded with Federal HST)

Benchmade Arcane
Streamlight Stylus Pro
Winchester El Cheapo multi tool
Ballpoint and Sharpie
Advanced Electronic Nicotine Delivery System 😂
Jew Harp

I wanna upgrade the multi tool to a Leatherman Wave but I feel like I would rather put that in my advanced carry backpack that I'm in the process of assembling, which includes small waterproof notebooks, a larger normal notebook, better pens, a decently thought out first aid kit, hydration bladder, razor knife, and a baofeng radio at the moment. Looking to expand that as well but trying to be mindful that ounces become pounds very quickly.


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